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1. "Turn Up The Heat" Pheromone for Men
2. "Alpha A314" Trust & Respect Pheromone for Men
3. "Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone
4. AMMO Cologne - "Ammunition In the Battle of the Sexes!" Pheromone Cologne for Men
5. "Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone - TO GO!
6. "Turn Up the Heat" Pheromone - To Go!
7. "AMMUNITION" Cologne for Men - TO GO!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Welcome! You just found the fastest way to help you make new friends and lovers, influence people, become more successful and just have more fun!

You get the world's only smart, Dosed Pheromones™. Easily Mix N' Match the world's first social pheromones to get the responses you want from people. Compared to other products, it's like getting a tailored suit instead of "one size fits all".

Smart people buy Smart Pheromones. They really work! That's why we offer the first and only 200% Money Back Guarantee on your first purchase. We take all the risk, to absolutely prove to you these products are real.

Questions? Call us at 800-671-6464 or send us an email. Join PheroTalk, the world's largest pheromone forum and get a free $25 introductory gift certificate just for introducing yourself!

Pheromone Fast Guide
Work & Business... Alpha A314
Dating... Alpha A314 and Turn Up The Heat
Clubs & Bar Scene... Ammunition Cologne
Friendliness... Instant Openness
Confidence... Alpha A314 or Instant Shine

  Featured products
"Alpha A314" Trust & Respect Pheromone for Men
Code: A314/m
"Alpha A314" Trust & Respect Pheromone for Men
See details

Retail: $299.00
Our price: $109.00
(€ 76.30), save 64%
AMMO Cologne - "Ammunition In the Battle of the Sexes!" Pheromone Cologne for Men
Code: AMM/m
AMMO Cologne - "Ammunition In the Battle of the Sexes!" Pheromone Cologne for Men
See details

Retail: $49.95
Our price: $39.95
(€ 27.96), save 20%
Ultimate Pheromone Introduction Pack for Men
Code: UPIP
Ultimate Pheromone Introduction Pack for Men
See details

Retail: $173.60
Our price: $149.95
(€ 104.96), save 14%
"Turn Up The Heat" Pheromone for Men
Code: TUTH/m
"Turn Up The Heat" Pheromone for Men
See details

Retail: $49.99
Our price: $29.95
(€ 20.96), save 40%
"Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone
Code: ISHINE30
"Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone
See details

Retail: $59.00
Our price: $39.95
(€ 27.96), save 32%
"Instant Openness" TO GO!
"Instant Openness" TO GO!
See details

Our price: $19.98
(€ 13.99)
"AMMUNITION" Cologne for Men - TO GO!
"AMMUNITION" Cologne for Men - TO GO!
See details

Retail: $19.95
Our price: $14.95
(€ 10.46), save 25%
"Instant Honesty" TO GO!
"Instant Honesty" TO GO!
See details

Our price: $19.95
(€ 13.96)
AMMUNITION FF22 "World Edition".
Code: Ammo/World
AMMUNITION FF22 "World Edition".
See details

Retail: $59.99
Our price: $49.95
(€ 34.96), save 17%


  Why Shop With Us?

 World's Most Advanced Pheromone Technology, now using over 46 exclusive human pheromone molecules used to create unique social effects, with more being researched all the time. Most other legitimate manufacturers use 1 to 3 pheromones. Some not so legitimate ones use none at all.

Androtics Cares. This is a high empathy, mission oriented project. The typical pheromone company too often sees vulnerable people to prey upon, and will say or do anything necessary to do so. We see real people with real problems to solve. People with hopes and dreams to fulfill. That's what we love doing. We could not be more different in our goals or approach to this industry.

We take pheromone technology seriously. We see the transition of "pheromones" from mere novelty items to actual technology with repeatable, tangible results as a valid way to assist real people in creating better lives.

The source of the most pheromone innovations over the past decade. From the world's first dosed pheromone sprays, to the wide variety of social effects we've created anew, you are dealing with a true leader that has radically improved the market.

 Easiest to Tailor Results with Social Pheromones™. These are the world's first pheromone products that allow you to create unique social changes you want, in all areas of your life -- not just sex.

GIANT Pheromone Support Forum -- When you use our products, you're never alone. You can talk to over 34,190 real pheromone users from around the world, 24 days a day.

World's First DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee & Easy returns. We'll prove to you that pheromones are real and aren't a fairy tale with a double your money back guarantee on your first purchase. Not every molecule necessarily does exactly we're told they do in movies and other fantasy material, but we guarantee you'll see actual effects in the real world. Once you are convinced they are real, a still better than industry standard 100% guarantee applies to the rest of your purchases. We genuinely like people, and are famous for making our client's happy.

 Manufacturer Direct & The Exclusive Consumer Source of the World's Finest American & European Synthesized Pheromones. You receive the exact same compounds used in actual university and private studies, created by the very same chemists that academic scientists and researchers trust. Other companies sell cheap, Chinese synthesized clones at the same, or higher prices than what we are able to offer using a direct sales model. When you buy here, you are supporting the researchers that actually create the new molecules, which allows them to continue their work.

 Guaranteed Security & Privacy: We do not share your information with anyone.

 Fast Shipping: 
98% of orders for consumer products (under the "For Men" or "For Women" categories) ship in 24 - 48 hours on business days. Custom & Advanced Category products require lab time and take 2 - 6 business days to prepare on average. Complex requests can take longer.

 Discreet Packaging: All FedEx ship in plain FedEx envelopes with FedEx branding. The return address simply lists "APR" (which stands for Androtics Pheromone Research), not the full name of our company. Nothing indicates what's inside.


US Shipping Rates

  ** SPECIAL ** $9.95 FedEx Priority Overnight to the 48 contiguous states, delivery guaranteed by 10:30AM

Overnight shipping is FREE for a limited time with orders over $75 (normally $125)

$15.95 FedEx 2-day


FedEx provides the safest and fastest delivery of your products. They provide full step-by-step tracking, so you always know exactly where your package is while on it's way to you. They handle packages carefully, which is important for glass products like the ones we sell. Their insurance is dependable when something goes wrong. You're safe with FedEx.

Orders shipped to non-continental states and territories such as Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico may take longer than orders shipped to the contiguous 48 states. They will also be charged additional shipping fees which vary based on destination and weight. These fees, when applicable, will be listed at checkout.


  International Shipping

 $19.95 to $59.95 FedEx International 1 to 3 day delivery, Fully Tracked & Insured.

*SPECIAL* Free international shipping for a limited time on minimum orders starting at $200

We now exclusively offer the most famous international shipping service in the world -- FedEx.

While we used to offer international mail options which seemed relatively inexpensive on the surface, the reliability was inferior to FedEx making total costs higher.

1) Provides full step-by-step tracking, so you always know exactly where your package is. Package tampering and loss is almost entirely eliminated with FedEx.
2) Leaves the United States immediately, as it is not affected by US Postal delays.
3) Cuts through customs office delays and hassles, often in just a few hours vs days, weeks or even months in the case of government operated mail. Unlike UPS which charges you an additional $25 or more, there is usually no additional "brokering fee" for the customs expediting service.
4) Delivers quickly to almost everywhere on the planet -- guaranteed. Almost all international FedEx packages are delivered directly to your door in 2 to 3 business days after they are shipped. 
5) Provides full insurance for the rare occurence when something goes wrong.

Sample shipping rates:

, New Zealand, Singapore, Austria, Netherlands, metropolitan Germany $19.95. Free shipping with orders over $200.
Remote parts of Germany $39.95. Free shipping with orders over $400
France $23.95. Free shipping with orders over $250
Metropolitan parts of Australia $24.95. Free shipping with orders over $250
Remote parts of Australia $49.95. Free shipping with orders over $500
UAE, Qatar $39.95. Free shipping with orders over $400

More international destinations are available, and will be quoted using the FedEx system during checkout.

Security Verification Notice for new clients: Please be aware that in order to reduce credit card fraud, we make a brief phone call to all first time international customers before shipment. Please include an active phone number when you order, as well as the phone # of your bank as found on the back of your credit card. Repeat customers become trusted customers, and do not normally have orders held for security.

Pay with PayPal for Faster Security Verification: When you pay with your PayPal balance or by credit card with Paypal, and ship to your account's "confirmed address", we can ship your order immediately -- even if you are a first time customer.

Canada & Mexico

 $24.95 FedEx International (some areas higher), Fully Tracked & Insured. Free shipping with orders over $250

We have chosen FedEx to service Canada exclusively, as they can usually clear your package in just a few hours vs. the weeks it may take for packages sent via the US Postal system. Also, unlike alternative carriers such as UPS which can charge you an additional $25 or more as a hidden "brokering fee", it is unusual for FedEx to assess such a fee. FedEx also offers real-time tracking, so you always know where your package is.

Mexico Update: Sadly, most areas of Mexico no longer accept shipments containing human pheromones. This is regardless of how they are declared. Please write in before ordering to check the status of your area.


 Payment Methods Accepted

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Credit Cards Accepted for Pheromones

For customers in Asia, we also accept the JCB card.

If you do not have a credit card, there are three automated options. 1) PayPal, 2) Check, and 3) Money Orders, Cerfitied Checks & Bank Checks. You do not need to contact us to make arrangements to use these payment methods, as our cart is programmed to help automate this process. Please check out from the cart as usual, and choose the option you desire.

When paying by personal or business check, money order, certified check, bank check, or PayPal eCheck, orders are sent when the payment is cleared. This usually takes 3 to 4 business days after we receive it. Checks from personal and business accounts sometimes take longer than certified forms issued directly by financial instituions.

There is no delay when using "instant payment" options through Paypal, such as payment from balance, instant transfer, or credit cards.

"Turn Up The Heat" Pheromone for Men "Turn Up The Heat" Pheromone for Men
Our price: $29.95
"Alpha A314" Trust & Respect Pheromone for Men "Alpha A314" Trust & Respect Pheromone for Men
Our price: $109.00
"Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone "Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone
Our price: $39.95
AMMO Cologne - "Ammunition In the Battle of the Sexes!" Pheromone Cologne for Men AMMO Cologne - "Ammunition In the Battle of the Sexes!" Pheromone Cologne for Men
Our price: $39.95
"Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone - TO GO! "Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone - TO GO!
Our price: $14.95
"Turn Up the Heat" Pheromone - To Go! "Turn Up the Heat" Pheromone - To Go!
Our price: $12.95
"AMMUNITION" Cologne for Men - TO GO! "AMMUNITION" Cologne for Men - TO GO!
Our price: $14.95
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"What really stuns me about Instant Openness is that the effects fit the description in the ad so absolutely spot on!

It says, "A great way to get things started!" and "Relax and watch the barriers melt away. " And that's EXACTLY what it does! I sometimes suffer from social anxiety, and while I've overcome the vast majority of it, I still find it difficult sometimes to break the ice with people I don't know. But give me some of this stuff, and I literally change how I feel and think... no longer do I sit there wondering what to say, I just say stuff, and it comes out and the conversations starts up and everything's good. I feel more open, comfortable, playful, and "in place" when I wear Instant Openness.

For breaking the ice when socializing, this stuff is worth it's weight in gold! Once you've broken the ice, it's not hard to steer the conversation in whatever way you want... so I suppose this could be considered a sexual product, in an indirect way. But it's just as useful for making friends and networking!"
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