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"a very fast delivery exactly 48hrs to Dubai and to be honest i didn't believed at first a word from the user reports! but after i tried it i really cant describe how pleased i am it has a wonderful smell the self effects puts you in a chilled and relaxing mood and makes you alerted of every little thing around you and the way it effects others i cant be 100% sure coz i didnt have time to test it yet in a proper environment as most of the reporting users did but i did notice a change in the women around me as they started to play more with there hair trying to be more cute and it was so obvious that they where trying to sniff something, i got surprised that one of my guy friends told me he dousent know why that he got turned on ... any how i still cant say for sure but im 100% aware that it affected me and im happy with it and cant wait till the new ammu is up for sale
ill be giving my full review in the user forums as i test it properly

i would like to thank Jacob for the free gifts and taking the time to handwrite some thing nice THANK YOU :)

and yah 1 more thing i just got my second shipment of TUTH and IO ill be reporting on them too ;)"
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