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"I've been using this stuff for about a week now. Two anecdotes:

1. A very attractive British girl in my grad school study group seemed to be loosening up around me. She even told me "you smell like such an American!" Granted, I am from the States, but I think you get the idea.

2. Last night, I had my first salsa class. I saw this girl there that I had met once before. I had tried to chat her up then but at some point she mentioned she was married so I backed off. Anyway, here she was again, without her hubby, but this time I was wearing the stuff. The instructor told everyone, "Okay guys, go find a part-" Before she could finish the sentence this girl literally grabbed me by the forearm in front of the whole class. Everyone in the room noticed and there were some audible giggles. Keep in mind this girl has a big fat ring on her finger! The girl herself was even shocked, as if she had done it without even thinking about it.

Something like this has never happened to me before. Granted, this is by no means a full scientific study, but based on my limited experiences and the hundreds of good reviews on the forums I have to conclude that this stuff is the real deal."
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