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"2 sprays of 2x ammo and 1 spray 2x tuth. I've been invited on vacation with a girl I've only said hi to here and there. The vacate to Disney everything paid for. I have my female supervisor complimenting inappropriately everyday like she forgot she even told me to begin with and she's married with children, I have hot girls staring into my eyes trying to get my attention from literally over 10 yards away. So compared to ppl who knew me to begin with, it makes girls want me and they want to be my gf. As for strangers , the girls who want a relationship will need to feel like that your not going to use them for ass. My advice as someone who doesn't need this but likes how it cuts the time more than in half. I'm talking about if a girl typically doesn't put out in 2 monthes give it a month. Don't talk about your sexual intentions or more than likely she will put her guard up. Let the mones do the seducing is the trick. Just spark conversation let her talk as much as possible, guys mess shit up when they talk on this. You gotta act how your perceived on this. If you act line she has something to prove and she has a number of girls to compete against your set. Don't. Get all lovey dovey and talk like a sissy whose never had a real relationship before or one nightstand, this stuff doesn't make girls stupid. It makes them want you, but just like a fat girl giving up her vage your not jumping on it, you still have your mind, but shes gonna wanna jump your bones with this stuff after first glance but she's going to want to see some consistency in your nature. I wish I had more advice, this stuff works with game. I know it works because I call girls out on their bitchiness and fakeness and they still respect me and screw me. I'm not a beleiver in the a314, but i know ammo works and tuth makes the girl think your sexy and if your already good looking it makes girls want to let you know."
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