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"To the person who said he had no luck with it: don't use it. I have, it seems, naturally high androstenone levels. Guys like me and it's because I constantly tell them that they are better than me and act super humble. They still respect me and say they want to hang out with me etc. If I speak lightly, it still sounds loud. I always wondered why guys wanted to fight me all the time when I was younger. If I wear this stuff without a softener it makes guys HATE me and women just stay away. It took me awhile to figure all that out. My best combo is 3-6 sprays of IFM and one IShine or MX135 then after an hour or so just a little, little bit (not even one spray) of TUTH for that sudden head turn, you can see their thoughts about you changing, sudden throwing themselves at you that is just so much fun even if you're old like me and don't take them up on it! It might be that I need that little bit of TUTH now because I've hit the four decade mark. Who knows."
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