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"At first i was skeptical about pheromones. But i tried A314 today one drop only. And i was
god. I met with my big sister who usually irritates me and always gives me advice breakdown
in quiet mode to give respect(she did not cry!) but she listened to everything i had to say
which by the way i usually fumbled a lot but i talked really smoothly without any break.

Met people who usually gets me on my nerves and boom! few seconds of exposure and they were
literally listening to me as i spoke! which was in a real controlled aggressive tone and i
said nothing good by the way, i made fun of their clothes, hair, work, etc and watched as
none of them showed any hostility! Instead they were talking nicely.

Met a group of girls sitting by the fountain, usually these girls never even listen/talk to
me. But today i was king! I talked and they listened as i was the greatest storyteller ever!
no questions asked no interruption just a deep connection! And the topic was about pumpkins

WTF Hands down to Pheros! tremendous respect!
P.s did i mention i gave down my no to 3 gals! unbelievable!"
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