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1. "Instant Sexiness" For Women
2. "Instant Sexiness B" For Women
3. "Instant Openness" Communication Pheromone for Women
4. "Instant Honesty" Communication Pheromone for Women

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Androtics Direct :: Spray Pheromones

Spray products work faster and come on stronger than oil based products.

Just like spray on perfumes, spray pheromone formulas are usually preferred in all but the hottest areas and seasons. (those living in very hot areas should look instead to the oil based line)

The speed at which these products work to produce effects is why we call them our "Instant Line" of pheromones.

As our customers soon discover, our pheromone products are like nothing else on the market. One of the many differences is our exclusive use of the same technology the world's top perfume houses use to enhance their fragrances.

Ever notice how a good perfume makes itself known to others at a distance, and does so in a way that people know that you're the one smelling so good?

This involves concepts called diffusion (the ability to make molecules leap off your skin and into the air around you), and "controlled sillage" (a contouring of the "vapor trail" of molecules you leave behind, so people know from whom they're coming from).

We worked with the #1 perfume technology house in the world, which wins 4 out of 10 fragrance awards, to achieve the same effect with our human pheromones products.

This is just one of the many advantages you get when using our products. You won't find products that work any more easily or faster than our "Instant" Pheromones.

  Spray Pheromones
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"Instant Sexiness B" For Women
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"Instant Sexiness B" For Women
Code: ISEX/b

Instant Sexiness B

Our price: $119.95 (€ 104.36)

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"Instant Sexiness" For Women
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"Instant Sexiness" For Women
Code: ISEX/A

The Science of sexy.

Our price: $119.95 (€ 104.36)

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"Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone for Women
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"Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone for Women

Want something to make people feel good? Do you want the kind of young, healthy, and vibrant presence that people crave?

Try Instant Shine. 70-80% of users report a betterment of mood, and increase in confidence and drive. One early tester reported, "It makes me feel like a star!"


Retail: $59.00
Our price: $39.95 (€ 34.76), save 32%

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"Instant Openness" Communication Pheromone for Women
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"Instant Openness" Communication Pheromone for Women
Code: IO/w

Instant Openness Communication Pheromone for Women

Retail: $159.95
Our price: $119.95 (€ 104.36), save 25%

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"Instant Honesty" Communication Pheromone for Women
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"Instant Honesty" Communication Pheromone for Women
Code: IH/w

Instant Honesty for women!

Our price: $119.95 (€ 104.36)

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"This is the 1st time I used this, *I used about 5 sprays in my hair & cleavage* but I was AMAZED at the positive attention I got from men...there were several guys much younger than me chatting me up 1 even asked me out, and my date told me I looked beautiful this evening. Another guy stopped me as I was walking by...I'm hooked. Loved the attention. Was it the pheromones or my increased confidence?? I combination of both I think since I was the center of attention all night!
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