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  Today's Special! Putative Pheromone P125 Stealth UnFragranced
Today's Special! Putative Pheromone P125 Stealth UnFragranced FREEBIE SPECIAL! - Putative Pheromone P125, 5 Micrograms Per Spray - Stealth Unfragranced

You're getting something fun worth between $25 - 40 to play with this week! Spend $100 and get p125 Stealth Unfragranced FREE in your order!

Shipping until next Tuesday night to active forum members with every order over $100 in real money (meaning after any and all discounts, points, etc. and before S&H).

Special for the FIRST FIFTY ONLY. No Coupon Code Required. Automatically Added to Your Cart At Checkout!

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"I am somewhat of a skeptic because I believe sometimes that the mind can play tricks and make you think something that's not true(ie placebo in an experiment) but! I did overnight delivery which was so cheap and it arrives bright and early today. I drank a Lot last night and had a bad hangover this morning let me tell u! After my shower I still felt sick kinda nacious and generally hung over. After spraying this I almost instantly felt better! I can't believe it. It took most of my hangover symptoms away! This proves it def works! And I felt very confident almost subtly walking with better posture and takig bigger strides it was wierd. I went to the bank and every guy who walked past (old and young) gave me a second glance! I look like crap! Lol I have my glasses on and hair in a ponytail. I can't wait to try instant sexiness. Please hurry and restock!! Oh and got a free gift of instant openess. How sweet is that???"
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