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Androtics Direct :: Spray Pheromones :: "Instant Honesty" Communication Pheromone for Men

  "Instant Honesty" Communication Pheromone for Men (IH-30)
"Instant Honesty" Communication Pheromone for Men 

Quantity12 available
Shipping Weight0.16 lbs.
Price: $119.95 (€ 104.36)

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Instant Honesty is one of the two here dedicated to helping improve the flow of communication.

The text on the bottle reads:
Unusual closeness and candor. "You won't believe your ears."

It's true! You just might not believe your ears with Instant Honesty.

Whether you want more honesty from your friends and love ones, or you just want to know what's really on anybody's mind... Instant Honesty comes to the rescue!

Although it may seem incredible, just like Turn Up The Heat, Instant Honesty is a fairly intense product that has proven that "pheromones work" to even the die hard skeptics.

Heck, Instant Honesty has been implicated in more "candid slips" than even we'd like to admit. It'll have people around you thinking "I can't understand (or I don't know) why I just said that".

In sales, it'll help you to better know what's on your prospect's mind. Or, if you're the one doing the buying, you'll find out more about what the seller thinks than ever. Things they never intended to say (and yes, that's guaranteed).

If your life or your job can improve based upon the quality of information you receive, Instant Honesty is just what you want.

What we don't say on the bottle is that it's not just Instant Honesty, but in some cases (most often with those you've known for awhile), Instant Intimacy. The closing of gaps between people that you often wished weren't there. Instant Honesty can make almost anything deeper.

How to use Instant Honesty

Using Instant Honesty is fast and easy. Start by using just two sprays. As you become more familiar with the effect, you can move down to 1 spray, or up to 5.

It's best to spray Instant Honesty on parts of your body that will let it be spread out in a wide area around you. Consider applying it to your wrists (especially if you speak expressively with your hands), the crooks of your arms opposite your elbows, and even to the hair on your head.

If you apply it to your ear or neck region, it'll end up affecting you, too. Be aware of this, as you may or may not desire this effect.

Just like we can't tell you how much salt you'll like on your food or how much cologne to wear, ultimately you'll have to experiment a little with Instant Honesty to find what amount is "just right" for you.

Instant Honesty makes a perfect match when used with Instant Openness. Both are communication oriented pheromone products, and were actually designed to work perfectly together.

Instant Openness is light and provides the carefree willingness to talk, while Instant Honesty is intense and draws both of you closer. You can think of Instant Openness as a "quantity of communication" factor, while Instant Openness is a "quality of communication" factor.

Instant Openness breaks the ice, while Instant Honesty goes deep to the heart of the matter.

By trying out different ratios of them together, you'll be able to find the ideal match that you prefer of Openness to Honesty.

  Combination's & Modifications

Just like a tailored suit is always superior to "one size fits all", the same thing is true with pheromones.

You can mix n' match most of the social effects offered by the products here to get just what you want, matched perfectly to your own natural body chemistry.

Use the following suggestions as starting points. When starting to make your own mixes, always start on the low end and work your way up, as necessary. These products are powerful, and sometimes too much doesn't work nearly as well as "just enough".

To add a greater sense of fun and carefree enjoyment, use along with 2-6 sprays of Instant Openness applied to your wrists, or even your hair. Instant Openness will help to "steer" conversions. It'll add to the fun, and to the quantity of communication, while Instant Honesty adds to the intensity and quality of communication. You'll be rewarded by finding your own favorite combination of Instant Honesty to Openness.

To deepen the Instant Honesty effect, increase the sense of trust and position yourself as an authority ("tell me what to do"), use with A314. The two together provide a very intense and commanding communication effect. Just 2 drops of A314 to 2 sprays of Instant Honesty can be very powerful. 

To increase the sense of physical intensity and raw sexuality, use along with 1-3 sprays of Turn Up The Heat. Turn Up The Heat helps to "steer" thoughts towards the physical. Consider applying the Turn Up the Heat directly to your chest, so people feel it more intensely as they come close.

To add a finishing "sparkle and shine" to your pheromone mix, add Instant Shine. A real mood and confidence booster for most people, it'll help make you and most people around you feel great. In that way, it'll help to "steer" conversations, just like Instant Openness. It's even been shown to have some sexually suggestive effects on women that are appropriate for daytime use (unlike large doses of Turn Up The Heat or other primarily androstenone based products).


This products contains very light, non-offensive Neroli (orange) scent with a small amount of real essential oils, because it allows the pheromones to work better than completely "unscented" pheromone products.

After the product completely "dries down" (takes about 15 minutes), the light scent will be about as powerful as the light scent left by hair conditioner or liquid body soap. It will acceptable in most environments where obvious scents, such as colognes, are not allowed.

It is light enough to cover with your own cologne, if you prefer.

Why not completely "unscented"?

"Unscented" is a bit of a misnomer. It usually means "no added scent" in addition to the pheromones, not scentless. Unlike what you may have heard, many pheromones do actually have a scent of their own.

While it's true that many people won't notice them, the scent of some pheromones is much more obvious to others. To some with extra-sensitive noses, the scent of some pheromones can even be intrusive or offensive. The light citrus base used in this product covers the pheromonal scent, and makes it more acceptable to all.

The special light scent package also helps the pheromones to adhere longer to the skin, and it also increases the radius around you in which the pheromones are dispersed, allowing them to work at a greater distance.

The small amount of specially selected essential oils have their own compounds which affect emotions and add to the pheromonal effect. They work in a similar way as aromatherapy, except that they are used in a much less noticeable concentration.

In general, this product with its very light scent base will be in every way superior to a completely "unscented" product.


Contains 3 human pheromones in an extremely light Neroli (orange/citrus) base.

Total pheromone per spray: 15mcg (+/- 5%)
Total pheromone content per bottle:
3000 mcg
Sprays per bottle: Approximately 200

Duration of effects: The primary effects from the product should last approximately 6 hours. Lesser effects should be noticeable all day, and may run into the next day.


Unlike the purchase of similarly priced products such as cologne (which you get no support for whatsoever), support for this product is available and offered through our exclusive user forum.

You get a forum account for free with any purchase. For your convenience, your forum account is created automatically with the same username and password you register with here.

At the forum, you can get advice, tips and tricks from our staff, and other users like you.

365 Day Guarantee Complete & Utter Satisfaction Guarantee

Like all the products you can get here, Instant Honesty comes with our famous manufacturer-backed, 365 day complete & utter satisfaction guarantee. You'll get noticeable results that you want or you money back.

We're so serious about this, that we actually built easy, automated returns and exchanges right into the order system! That's right, there's no one you have to call for approval, and no guessing as to where you send returns.

You can truly relax shopping here, knowing that returns and exchanges really are easy and hassle free.  

  Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


User Rating


Customer Feedback & Advice

"I use 2 sprays on one of my wrists, just above watch level, then rub both wrists together. Combine with Instant openess, same dose and same place, works wonders for breaking down barriers and breaking the ice. This stuff pays for itself."
Written by: Theedge

"I'm surprised there isn't more feedback on this product!

I bought a bunch of pheromones and did a blind test by reaching into a bag and picking one out at random and not looking at the bottle. Sprayed on a couple of sprays on my neck and went out with my family.

On the way home - I'm not sure what came over me and my sister, but we began telling our parents secrets we've kept over the last 15 years (some stuff that would have gotten us into trouble at the time, but is insignificant now)!

I got home, and looked over at the bottle I had sprayed from.

Instant Honesty.

This is going to be fun :)"
Written by: LeafStamp

"I used 2 sprays of this stuff on front of my hands for a new date, soon as I picked her up in my car, she was opening up to me and talking about some personal stuff that I wouldn't think would be talked about on the first date! It definitely works, I will carry on using this for getting closer to dates and loved ones :)"
Written by: Stud_Muffin

"I am telling you the honest truth....IH works and I only have the double strength right now. I am ordering the 4x tonight. This product is amazing! The women I have an interest in has shared so many things she would never till me under normal circumstances. So far of all the mones I have bought this one rules! It really really works! "
Written by: McGarrett

"Honestly I wan't too impressed at first. The results aren't as glaringly obvious as with instant openness but I eventually came to like this better as it creates more of a sense of deep rapport and connection where Instant Openness is light hearted chit chat. Coupled with Turn up the Heat or Ammo it can help steer a pickup into the girl feeling that "it's love at first sight" feeling."
Written by: Izzy

"Maybe you want to edit these spelling errors: (Even tho I understand that IH = quality others might not)
Instant Openness is light and provides the carefree willingness to talk, while Instant Honesty is intense and draws both of you closer. You can think of Instant Openness as a "quantity of communication" factor, while Instant Openness is a "quality of communication" factor. "
Written by: Alessandro

"Never thought I'd be writing a review here since before I brought the product I didn't really believe a word written here in the reviews. But their tag line "You wont believe your ears" seems to be eerily true to the point of scary.

I tried it with a few acquaintances of mine and the results leave no scope for doubt. in an hours time I get to hear from them so many intimate aspects of their lives.. stuff that you normally wont tell unless you knew the person for long. I think this is a good solution when you wish to push an existing relation to a much more closer level."
Written by: blueballs

"This stuff is pretty crazy. I got a free togo bottle of 2x sprayed 2 sprays on the tops of my hands. Everywhere I went people were opening up to me and were talking to me like they've known me for awhile. Lol it was soo crazy. The biggest hit was a girl at an ice cream place started telling me her day n how shes tired, the hours shes worked, how she goes to school n tons of other things. I started to fell like I've known for awhile lol. N normally im a in n out person. This stuff makes you connect with people llike crazy its almost intimate in a way you get so close. Highly reccommend"
Written by: Felix Cruz (Modesto, CA)

"My work requires getting people to talk when they absolutely don't want to. i was shocked at how effective this product is. thanks Jas!!"
Written by: Steve

"Amazing, it does exactly what it says on the bottle. Just be careful, you might be told things you don't want to hear... "
Written by: Teodor

Add your feedback here, including hints, tips and usage tricks. If posting a review, please state specifics about yourself -- when, where and how you use the product.

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"Absolutely PERFECT for the dance club scene. In places where talking your game up is not an option, it's time to bring out some heat! Spray some on your chest, and wrists. Combine with some Instant Openness, Grow a pair, and hit the dance floor. You will be amazed in the amount of women just somehow melt, and let you grab them for a dance! "
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