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1. "Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone - TO GO!
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3. "AMMUNITION" Cologne for Men - TO GO!
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Androtics Direct :: Pheromones To Go™ (Portable / Travel Size) :: "Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone - TO GO!

  "Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone - TO GO! (SHINE-5)
"Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone - TO GO! 

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Want something that not only has a positive impact on others but can also uplift you, as the wearer? 

Try Instant Shine. 

Instant Shine adds a very real "shine" you and those around you can feel

The short tag-line on the bottle accurately reads: "Instant Shine. Confident and more brilliant than the rest." 

Based around a completely new pheromone, Instant Shine puts you in a great mood and makes you feel vibrant and confident. 

A key to Instant Shine, when used in moderation, is that it gives you that kind of aloof confidence that's so powerful and appealing, it just sucks other people in. The kind of confidence that doesn't just make you feel good, but also allows you to better do as you please. The sense that you will succeed, regardless of real or imagined negativity around you. It really helps you to express yourself more freely. 

You also get the benefit of a positive "behavioral feedback loop". 

Sounds complex, but you experience feedback loops every day. All it means is that when someone yawns, you're likely to yawn, too. Or when someone cracks a smile at you, you're likely to feel good and smile back. 

Same thing with Instant Shine. When you feel great, you make others feel great, too! It's part of your natural ability to affect others.

Two additional effects being reported 

Instant Shine has also been found by some users to express the following two effects.

First, you know how people who are young and fit almost have a glow to them? Yes, healthy young men definitely have a certain shine to them. Maybe you could call it the "Shine of youth".

Some users have reported that Instant Shine they've been responded to as if they had the presence of a physically fit young man. A "youth & vibrancy" effect.

For those who are older, this effect will help give you that alluring sparkle and shine that you had when you were younger. (or wish you had) 

Even younger users have been benefiting from this effect, as it expands on what's already great about them. There are no reported downsides to this effect. 

Second, Instant Shine has even been shown to have some sexually suggestive effects on women that are appropriate even for daytime use. 

This is unlike multiple sprays of Turn Up The Heat or other primarily androstenone based products, large doses which are definitely best reserved for nightwear.  

The sexually suggestive effect may directly relate to the "youth & vibrancy"  effect above. After all, what woman's thoughts wouldn't turn to something a  little more... sexual... in the presence of a physically fit young man? 

A brilliant finishing touch

As you can imagine, with effects like the above, Instant Shine is great for some users all on its own.

But what experienced pheromone users have found so far, is that Instant Shine is a fantastic "finishing touch". 

Just like a coat of great wax on an amazing car, Instant Shine is a great finishing touch to any successful pheromone mix. It's a brilliant masculine effect, and really hard to go wrong.

We know you'll love its effects, and stand by it 100%. (see the complete satisfaction guarantee below)


This products contains very light, non-offensive Neroli (orange) scent with a  small amount of real essential oils, because it allows the pheromones to work  better than completely "unscented" pheromone products. 

After the product completely "dries down" (takes about 15 minutes), the light scent will be about as powerful as the light scent left by hair conditioner or liquid body soap. It will acceptable in most environments where obvious scents, such as colognes, are not allowed. 

It is light enough to cover with your own cologne, if you prefer. 

Why not completely "unscented"? 

"Unscented" is a bit of a misnomer. It usually means "no added scent" in addition to the pheromones, not scentless. Unlike what you may have heard, many pheromones do actually have a scent of their own. 

While it's true that many people won't notice them, the scent of some pheromones is much more obvious to others. To some with extra-sensitive noses, the scent of some pheromones can even be intrusive or offensive. The light citrus base used in this product covers the pheromonal scent, and makes it more acceptable to all. 

The special light scent package also helps the pheromones to adhere longer to the skin, and it also increases the radius around you in which the pheromones are dispersed, allowing them to work at a greater distance. 

The small amount of specially selected essential oils have their own compounds which affect emotions and add to the pheromonal effect. They work in a similar way as aromatherapy, except that they are used in a much less noticeable concentration. 

In general, this product with it's very light scent base will be in every way superior to a completely "unscented" product. 


Contains 3 human pheromones in an extremely light Neroli (orange/citrus) base. 

Total pheromone per spray: 15mcg (+/- 5%)
Total pheromone content per bottle:
 500 mcg
Sprays per bottle: Approximately 40 

Duration of effects: The primary effects from the product should last approximately 6 hours. Lesser effects should be noticeable all day, and may run into the next day. 


Unlike the purchase of similarly priced products such as cologne (which you  get no support for whatsoever), support for this product is available and offered through our exclusive user forum.

You get a forum account for free with any purchase. For your convenience, your forum account is created automatically with the same username and password you register with here.

At the forum, you can get advice, tips and tricks from our staff, and other users like you. 

365 Day Guarantee Complete & Utter Satisfaction Guarantee 

Like all the products you can get here, Instant Shine comes with our famous  manufacturer-backed, 365 day complete & utter satisfaction guarantee. You'll get noticeable results that you want or you money back.

We're so serious about this, that we actually built easy, automated returns and exchanges right into the order system! That's right, there's no one you have to call for approval, and no guessing as to where you send returns. 

You can truly relax shopping here, knowing that returns and exchanges really are easy and hassle free.  

  Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


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Customer Feedback & Advice

"omg this is so grate.. ok 1st its made me feel good with one spray to rist to spred on neck. next day had a midical meeting wich nornaly are not much fun even more so at 9:00 am afrter bath 1 spray to rists and 1 spray to neck then as habit 2 sprays of gloria perfume over head to step in to.. got in the cab that has picked me up many time b4 but this time he was overly nice and was trying to find out more about me and gave me a card with his mobile number he wrote on it.

ok meeting started of as normal then about 10min in every on started to seem alot more cheerfull and perct up ( coffie merchen was not workin) ?? when it was over we all was still ther there laughing and joking. till some on nock on the door as as we in there almost an hr over the time the room was booked for.
i didnt wear it for a week then aplyed it the same way in the a.m then whent to get my eye brows waxed hhmm the woman was talking and playing with my hair for about 20min b4 even starting on my brows even then it got werd i had boobs in my face some time as she was grooming my brows as she was telling me about her family life ( kids home) she gave me her number and invited me over, then asked me for mine after giving me directions on how to get to her house.

i also have instent opponess but not yet tryed it out as people seem to be oppen when i wear instant shine...
and it makes me get out more its liquid gold!"
Written by: brown~sugar

"Absolutely LOVED it!!! worked perfect and I'll buy the bigger one for sure!! TY ANDROTICS DIRECT! "
Written by: Theodore Bhagyam (Houlton, WI)

"This product really live up to it's namesake!"
Written by: Greg

"This was a free gift added to my order,I will definitely be adding this to my next purchase.It puts me in a nice friendly upbeat mode.I mixed with a little instant openess. "
Written by: Jasen Rosamond (Sunnyvale, CA)

"Combination with anti depressent and Instant Shine really helps bring those down days of blue to a more uplifting positive day for me! helps turn that frown upside down!"
Written by: Phero Sniffer (USA)

"A very fitting name. It puts me in a positive mood. People around become more talkative and social. "
Written by: Someone Else

"First one I've tried, and love the way it makes me feel! Puts me in a great mood, and others around me too! Great for work on those days I feel like not going. We all have those days. Smells great too! Can't wait unitl I get my A314 to try with it!"
Written by: BKRF - Nebraska

"First of all, the shipping was crazy super duper fast. Around 21 hours from L.A. to Toronto. Couldn't believe it! But onto the product:
Got TUTH and IS together primarily to try on an old flame at work who left me two months ago. She still flirts with me, especially when I wear Pherlure, so I figured Androtics stuff would bring her right back, at least for a romp in the supply room.
So anyway, tried both TUTH and IS together the day after I received them and didn't get much reaction. Not even a real elevated mood for myself from the IS. Having really wanted them to work I was disappointed but would not give up!
Today I put on some IS (on the left side of my neck if that matters) and my old flame who has since become engaged to the new guy (after two f'n months!) came over to me a few times and started flirting again. Not only that, my mood was getting better until I had a real bounce in my step. Then she dropped the bomb that she's pregnant and instead of my usual devastated reaction I was smiling and being playful, teasing her. After she left I chuckled off and on for a good two hours.
As her relationship with the other guy progressed over the past two months I have reacted very negatively to it. But after some IS not even a bomb like "I'm pregnant with another man's baby" phased me. Amazing.
And this is a totally for real review. I understand the skepticism but trust me, I do not work for Androtics!
Good luck boys!
Written by: Mike

"I have had good results with this product, however it can go either way. I have better results using this in combonation with other products than by itself. One product it really works well with is MX291, and CTTM mix 2"
Written by: John in NY

"Honestly... I just got this... I sprayed it on my brother (scientific mind at work, guys) to see what would happen... I started laughing and I don't even know why. Now I'm in a very happy mood. It's great. It works... it really does work. I'm a total believer now!! Thanks, you guys. Can't wait to try the IO I got as well. I wonder what will happen at work tomorrow..."
Written by: bluebutterly232425

"awesome product. i instantly feel better when i wear it and so do those around me. "
Written by: msgirl

"I just received this today. Shipping was SUPERFAST, and I'm very pleased. . .or maybe that's just because I sprayed some Instant Shine? Smells kind of masculine at first but the drydown is subtle and pleasant. . .I keep smelling it. It just puts a smile on my face! I feel happy, but it's not a crazed happy, and I feel alert and calm as well. So far I am very pleased with this product, but I have yet to try it out around others. I'll let you know how that goes. But thus far, just from the effects it has on me, I'm really digging this! Thanks Androtics Direct!"
Written by: Rosie (Long Island, NY)

"I am somewhat of a skeptic because I believe sometimes that the mind can play tricks and make you think something that's not true(ie placebo in an experiment) but! I did overnight delivery which was so cheap and it arrives bright and early today. I drank a Lot last night and had a bad hangover this morning let me tell u! After my shower I still felt sick kinda nacious and generally hung over. After spraying this I almost instantly felt better! I can't believe it. It took most of my hangover symptoms away! This proves it def works! And I felt very confident almost subtly walking with better posture and takig bigger strides it was wierd. I went to the bank and every guy who walked past (old and young) gave me a second glance! I look like crap! Lol I have my glasses on and hair in a ponytail. I can't wait to try instant sexiness. Please hurry and restock!! Oh and got a free gift of instant openess. How sweet is that???"
Written by: Abercrombiegirl

"Great stuff. Puts me in a positive mood. Those around me also become friendlier and more talkative. It smells good too."
Written by: SomeoneElse

"I'm the type that is skeptical when the net says their item works like a miracle pill. I was here to prove these items dont work, well I was wrong. When I got the item the smell was good and mixed with other items on my trial runs, I was shocked on the outcome and still in disbelief. Truth to what they say these items will do, I'm wowed for the first time. I'm shocked but still at the same time my trial runs are not over. I'm on the pheromone talk web and I'm keeping a journal to keep trial runnings up to date, call Skepticals like me must read!! I'm going to be testing different combos items and report what works for me and what doesnt. All I can say to you skepts is, Jump and try them for yourself. "
Written by: anthony taylor (kansas city, KS)

"This is amazing. It lifts my mood and others. It makes me confident and smiley."
Written by: Nicola

"this stuff smell "So Good". I use instant shine & Instant Sexiness 2gather. I even wear them separated to. I bought the
2-Go one, but I need to but it bigger. I love this stuff. It does put me in a great mood:) "
Written by: Jazzie Luv (Orem, UT)

"i ordered this and sprayed it on my wrist and visited my usual store where i hit on that cute female working there and she usually ignores me but this time she was all smiling and happy and in a good mood , so were the other women i came in contact with , and i sprayed it on my next and within 5 mins i had a big smile and found everything funny even though i was in a bad mood that day . "
Written by: lawrence

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