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1. "Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone - TO GO!
2. "Turn Up the Heat" Pheromone - To Go!
3. "AMMUNITION" Cologne for Men - TO GO!
4. "Instant Openness" TO GO!
5. "Instant Honesty" TO GO!
6. Come Talk To Me (V2.0)

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Androtics Direct :: Pheromones To Go™ (Portable / Travel Size) :: "AMMUNITION" Cologne for Men - TO GO!

  "AMMUNITION" Cologne for Men - TO GO! (TOGO-AMMO)
"AMMUNITION" Cologne for Men - TO GO! 

Quantity16 available
Shipping Weight0.02 lbs.
Price: $14.95 (€ 13.01)




This is the 5mL "travel sized" To-Go version of our popular product, Ammunition Cologne.

  Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


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Customer Feedback & Advice

"This product definately does what its supposed to. A good stand-alone prowl mix. "
Written by: Godhand (Prospect, KY)

"This product is a good sent and with 2x you can bet women will show you more love then normal"
Written by: Goodluckboy

"Should be an illegal weapon when mixed with Instant Shine...still a potent standalone product though."
Written by: Ty

"1 spray and it just works! You can notice the women around behaving different... Even if they don't get all flirty for the pheromones (which it happens almost all the time) at least they're in a good mood around you. Matches perfectly with A314, try both for maximum results."
Written by: Javier

"Hot stuff, smells great and get the attention of the Ladies. I wear it almost every day because it smells really sexy and on top of that you get special treatment from the ladies, awesome! "

"I love the To Go bottles. They fit so easily in the pocket. Ammo X2 is the one I use most and it gives me a sense of confidence. Girls get flirtier and guys are more respectful...the affects are similar to Alter Ego and NPA."
Written by: Ammo To Go

"I'm the type that is skeptical when the net says their item works like a miracle pill. I was here to prove these items dont work, well I was wrong. When I got the item the smell was good and mixed with other items on my trial runs, I was shocked on the outcome and still in disbelief. Truth to what they say these items will do, I'm wowed for the first time. I'm shocked but still at the same time my trial runs are not over. I'm on the pheromone talk web and I'm keeping a journal to keep trial runnings up to date, call Skepticals like me must read!! I'm going to be testing different combos items and report what works for me and what doesnt. All I can say to you skepts is, Jump and try them for yourself. "
Written by: anthony taylor (kansas city, KS)

"People are so much more talkative when i wear this! hard for me to even believe but i cant deny what i've been seeing"
Written by: jer

"The best!!! works everytime!!!"
Written by: JCD

"So effective...........I wear almost daily with significant results............."
Written by: Manu Gupte

"My gf really loves the smell, and it really gets her turned on/ Of course she don't know what it is :P"
Written by: Dennis

"Read so much about the pheromones, did not blelieve it until I bought it!"
Written by: Nick

"I am in shock in how much this product works. I sprayed one squirt on my wrists. then was talking to some girls at a bar. I was in moderately close distance and they were very friendly and had a hot yet comfortable vibe towards me. I went to the mens rooms and sprayed a little around my neck i come back and move in a little closer and wham it was like crazy i couldn't believe it. One girl closest to me was kissing on my neck automatically and kept asking what i was wearing. I had to stop turn and laugh because i couldn't believe how well this works."
Written by: jay

"Just received my first bundle of sprays for a NYE party.Proof is in the pudding, Ammo has a nice crisp scent, and if you want a little more attention mix it with TUTH. I had women "accidentally" tripping on me.
-use this stuff responsibly"
Written by: OldSpice (San Jose, CA)

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Product Review

"First of all, the shipping was crazy super duper fast. Around 21 hours from L.A. to Toronto. Couldn't believe it! But onto the product:
Got TUTH and IS together primarily to try on an old flame at work who left me two months ago. She still flirts with me, especially when I wear Pherlure, so I figured Androtics stuff would bring her right back, at least for a romp in the supply room.
So anyway, tried both TUTH and IS together the day after I received them and didn't get much reaction. Not even a real elevated mood for myself from the IS. Having really wanted them to work I was disappointed but would not give up!
Today I put on some IS (on the left side of my neck if that matters) and my old flame who has since become engaged to the new guy (after two f'n months!) came over to me a few times and started flirting again. Not only that, my mood was getting better until I had a real bounce in my step. Then she dropped the bomb that she's pregnant and instead of my usual devastated reaction I was smiling and being playful, teasing her. After she left I chuckled off and on for a good two hours.
As her relationship with the other guy progressed over the past two months I have reacted very negatively to it. But after some IS not even a bomb like "I'm pregnant with another man's baby" phased me. Amazing.
And this is a totally for real review. I understand the skepticism but trust me, I do not work for Androtics!
Good luck boys!
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