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Androtics Direct :: Spray Pheromones :: "Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone

  "Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone (ISHINE30)
"Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone 

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Want something that not only has a positive impact on others but can also uplift you, as the wearer?

Try Instant Shine.

Instant Shine adds a very real "shine" you and those around you can feel.

The short tag-line on the bottle accurately reads: "Instant Shine. Confident and more brilliant than the rest."

Based around a completely new pheromone, Instant Shine puts you in a great mood and makes you feel vibrant and confident.

A key to Instant Shine, when used in moderation, is that it gives you that kind of aloof confidence that's so powerful and appealing, it just sucks other people in. The kind of confidence that doesn't just make you feel good, but also allows you to better do as you please. The sense that you will succeed, regardless of real or imagined negativity around you. It really helps you to express yourself more freely.

You also get the benefit of a positive "behavioral feedback loop".

Sounds complex, but you experience feedback loops every day. All it means is that when someone yawns, you're likely to yawn, too. Or when someone cracks a smile at you, you're likely to feel good and smile back.

Same thing with Instant Shine. When you feel great, you make others feel great, too! It's part of your natural ability to affect others.

Two additional effects being reported

Instant Shine has also been found by some users to express the following two effects.

First, you know how people who are young and fit almost have a glow to them? Yes, healthy young people definitely have a certain shine to them. Maybe you could call it the "Shine of youth".

Some users have reported that Instant Shine they've been responded to as if they had the presence of a physically fit young person. A "youth & vibrancy" effect.

For those who are older, this effect will help give you that alluring sparkle and shine that you had when you were younger. (or wish you had)

Even younger users have been benefiting from this effect, as it expands on what's already great about them. There are no reported downsides to this effect.

Second, Instant Shine has even been shown to have some sexually suggestive effects that are appropriate even for daytime use.

This is unlike multiple sprays of Turn Up The Heat or other primarily androstenone based products, large doses which are definitely best reserved for nightwear. 

The sexually suggestive effect may directly relate to the "youth & vibrancy" effect above. After all, who's thoughts wouldn't turn to something a little more... sexual... in the presence of a physically fit young human being?

A brilliant finishing touch

As you can imagine, with effects like the above, Instant Shine is great for some users all on its own.

But what experienced pheromone users have found so far, is that Instant Shine is a fantastic "finishing touch".

Just like a coat of great wax on an amazing car, Instant Shine is a great finishing touch to any successful pheromone mix. It's a brilliant masculine effect, and really hard to go wrong.

We know you'll love its effects, and stand by it 100%. (see the complete satisfaction guarantee below)


This products contains very light, non-offensive Neroli (orange) scent with a small amount of real essential oils, because it allows the pheromones to work better than completely "unscented" pheromone products.

After the product completely "dries down" (takes about 15 minutes), the light scent will be about as powerful as the light scent left by hair conditioner or liquid body soap. It will acceptable in most environments where obvious scents, such as colognes, are not allowed.

It is light enough to cover with your own cologne, if you prefer.

Why not completely "unscented"?

"Unscented" is a bit of a misnomer. It usually means "no added scent" in addition to the pheromones, not scentless. Unlike what you may have heard, many pheromones do actually have a scent of their own.

While it's true that many people won't notice them, the scent of some pheromones is much more obvious to others. To some with extra-sensitive noses, the scent of some pheromones can even be intrusive or offensive. The light citrus base used in this product covers the pheromonal scent, and makes it more acceptable to all.

The special light scent package also helps the pheromones to adhere longer to the skin, and it also increases the radius around you in which the pheromones are dispersed, allowing them to work at a greater distance.

The small amount of specially selected essential oils have their own compounds which affect emotions and add to the pheromonal effect. They work in a similar way as aromatherapy, except that they are used in a much less noticeable concentration.

In general, this product with it's very light scent base will be in every way superior to a completely "unscented" product.


Contains 3 human pheromones in an extremely light Neroli (orange/citrus) base.

Total pheromone per spray: 15mcg (+/- 5%)
Total pheromone content per bottle:
3000 mcg
Sprays per bottle: Approximately 200

Duration of effects: The primary effects from the product should last approximately 6 hours. Lesser effects should be noticeable all day, and may run into the next day.


Unlike the purchase of similarly priced products such as cologne (which you get no support for whatsoever), support for this product is available and offered through our exclusive user forum.

You get a forum account for free with any purchase. For your convenience, your forum account is created automatically with the same username and password you register with here.

At the forum, you can get advice, tips and tricks from our staff, and other users like you.

365 Day Guarantee Complete & Utter Satisfaction Guarantee

Like all the products you can get here, Instant Shine comes with our famous manufacturer-backed, 365 day complete & utter satisfaction guarantee. You'll get noticeable results that you want or you money back.

We're so serious about this, that we actually built easy, automated returns and exchanges right into the order system! That's right, there's no one you have to call for approval, and no guessing as to where you send returns.

You can truly relax shopping here, knowing that returns and exchanges really are easy and hassle free.  

  Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


User Rating


Customer Feedback & Advice

"Tried it the first time, 2x strength one squirt on the front of my neck and immediately felt a little buzz. My boyfriend didn't know I sprayed it on, but he hit on me in less than an hour, which is unusual during the middle of the day. I will keep on testing it!"
Written by: Ronielle Buduhan (Montreal, Quebec)

"Spray yourself with Instant Shine - your face, your neck, your hair. Try spacing three or four sprays an hour or so apart, one spray at a time, and notice how the effects on yourself and others build.

Right up to the "I would not have believed it!" level. I was ~astonished~ at the positive results. It's one thing to have an intellectual acceptance of the idea that your pheromones affect or attract others; it's another to see and feel it, to have it happen around you.

A life-changing experience, the first time.

And if you still have doubts, look closely at the guarantee these folks offer -- you have nothing but the cost of some postage to risk."
Written by: Mark L (Chicago, Illinois)

"Remember the song by Sheryl Crow? "If it makes you happy."

Instant Shine makes me happy and everyone else around me too.

I don't know what they put in it, but if Androtics came out with it in pill form I'd take it daily."
Written by: steveo - Memphis

"This is really good. I was sceptial at first but after trying it, i got really happy for no reason at all. I am so tired beacause i have drained all my energy but i dont wanna go to sleep incase i lose my happinness. I would give this five stars but i am gonna try spaceland, its meant to be even better. Love you Jasmin x x "
Written by: The Reaper

"This is the best pheremone product i have used, also instant sexiness B to feel xtra sexy but i love to use the shine alone, i totally notice the difference when i walk into any room,people just stare at me if i were some star they wanted to meet, wow!!!!"
Written by: Sabrina Henderson (Albuquerque, NM)

"Instant Shine is an awesome product. It isn't exactly what I was hoping for when I bought the product, but it has delivered according to the store description. You can't go wrong with Instant Shine! "
Written by: mindset

"Magnificent product, I use about 8 sprays a day of 2x spanned out over 8 hours. Buyer beware, senior citizens act like they've been infected by Resident Evil's they don't try to kill you by physical means, they just talk you to death :-)"
Written by: ChaseEmALL

"Did not work for me at all. was w complete waste of money."
Written by: Romeo12

"I use 2 Sprays (1X) with A314 - and glide through the day - a Perfect combo."
Written by: Bix 9 (Seattle, WA)

"great product..... definitely try 5x..... amazing.... one of the best products that sells :) "
Written by: Bond (NY)

"Yo! I thought this was all hype then I bought some instant shine! You would not believe the results. I met this girl on the subway after work. She kept staring at me so I said Hi. Next thing you know, I'm having great anal secks with her on my couch. "
Written by: Pheromone kid

"Great product. Draws people to me and makes me feel happier."
Written by: SomeoneElse

"No man, it didn't do the trick for me"
Written by: Fliippen

"Smells great! My second favorite next to TURN UP THE HEAT. "
Written by: SpizyChicken

"This is one of my faves because it puts everyone around me (myself included) in a much better mood. A must-have for travelling, especially if you can't stand the people you're with for long periods of time!"
Written by: Belly Donsah (San Francisco, CA)

"This stuff is AMAZING. I was having an awful morning, when I noticed my order had arrived. Two sprays, and I felt invincible for hours."
Written by: Dr. Fedora

"I suffer from low self confidence and extreme self consciousness. So when I ordered my IS I expected it to have effect on myself more rather than on others around me.

Fortunately so far the product has delivered. The very second I smelled the spray I suddenly felt happy and fresh as if I just woke up from a good sleep. A little smile stayed on my face all day long. I just couldnt stop. This is totally marijuana without the risk of getting arrested. LOL

However, still this thing is no magic. Its nothing but enhancement. I should say it could boost your personality by no more than 25%. So the rest of the 75% are on your hands."
Written by: Januar (Westminster, CA)

"Shiny happy people every where opens doors hearts and minds."
Written by: Susie London, England

"Does exactly as it says. Two sprays on my neck and not only was I feeling happy but everyone I was around was smiling constantly, great stuff!"
Written by: Theedge

"This stuff is incredible! Everyone around me was extra pleasant and so accomodating. I've already ordered another bottle and I just got my first one!"
Written by: Snoopy

"I, like you, read the feedback suspiciously. Fret not. This stuff works so well. A sample was thrown in my bag, I only purchased A314 (which is well worth the purchase). This Instant shine (2 sprays), along with A314 works wonders (2 drops). Your mix may vary. Women come and stand next to me (they did that before, but now MORE than often). I get no negative reactions at all. This may be due to not over using it. But without it, my results can be somewhat mixed. Everyone is nicer when I wear this. Some women stare, others keep finding reasons to stand next to me. Personality is key, if you have poor soft skills you wont maximize your benefits. So get your feet wet and learn from trial and error if you are uninitiated. Generally, I look like I stepped out of a GQ mag (within reason of course). GQ may not be your thing, but owning your look definitely helps. A cowboy, construction worker, or nerd could each get their own desired results. Im a handsome man, and this makes things get exponentially better. Almost unfair, but, "all is fair in...".. I was in a restaurant with a star musician (I was at the bar, he was at a table), and women were still finding reasons to bump in to ME. They chit-chatted with me, flirted, you name it. Older-women get very chatty, younger women tend to be in awe. Even if i mumble something inaudible, women smile and ask me to repeat myself. Or, even more amazingly, they hear me. Sometimes I feel like i can have nearly anything or any women I want. Which is nearly true with this stuff. But then I realize that i may have used a drop or two too much of A314. Beware. I overdosaged once to see the results. Women got into fights with their datres around me. People got confused. And one lady friend just got up and walked out on our coffee meeting. Only to apologize profusely later, saying she didnt know what came over her. If used correctly, this stuff is perfect. A314 and Instant Shine are definitely worth it. "
Written by: RemainAnonymous2009

"Should be renamed "Instant Conversation". Very good base for many other pheros, I use it almost everyday. Makes the user more upbeat and conversational, seems to make others more friendly and talkative. Supposedly sexual in very high doses, haven't tried that yet, so far I've only got the "friendly vibe", which is worth it anyway. I apply a spray to either side of my neck and one to the chest normally. This is one product you really can't go wrong with."
Written by: Neil Rhodes (Angleton, TX)

"I have used this product successfully in combination with Ammo, Turn Up The Heat and as a standalone product. Every time I have had positive results.

This is also fun to wear to work but you may need to keep a check on your productivity if you like your job. Party games with the office chicks are all well and good until you realise you are off target ;)

Enjoy Responsibly!
Written by: Dan M.

"When I first used it I did notice a positive difference in the atmosphere with people around me, but after a while I don't realise the effect anymore. I still think that it does work, just maybe not for everyone."
Written by: Anonymous

"okay so i just got mine in the post 5 mins ago and sprayed it on... nothing happening so that although i do "feel" something going on... plus it smells like Hugo Boss - Pure"
Written by: Brian

"I was very skeptical at first of this product and with its entirely positive feedback... I now totally agree... this really has done wonders... will be buying more! HIGHLY recommended"
Written by: Anonymous

"thumbs up on this one!"
Written by: vonreil

"very very very subtle results "
Written by: Wall

"I have found this to have quite noticeable self-effects. It made me much more cheerful for about 2-3 hours, followed by a crash and a bit of a headache afterwards! With continued use, this faded. When combined with Instant Gentleman, I find that this causes me to get a lot of attention from small children for some reason. I think the combo puts out a bit of a "daddy" vibe.

I would recommend Instant Shine for both men and women. The results may not be stunning for some people, but they are noticeable and it's one of the less expensive products. Give it a try."
Written by: Terry O'Carroll (Kensington, NSW)

"Instant Shine is awesome. I feel happy & excited the minute I spray it on. I'm the only woman in my office & this makes the environment a whole lot better! It tones down the testosterone or something. Even the partner who doesn't like me (IDK why..he's a jerk for no reason) can't help but be nice.
I also use this when I'm feeling angry & want to keep myself from starting arguments or snapping at people (especially that ogre of a partner! Lol)
I'm gonna try the double strength & see what happens. I dropped my bottle & it broke so now I'm taking this opportunity to try it in a higher strength.
Written by: Karla (Los Angeles, CA)

"I've tried this product, and while I have been successful with other products on this site, the Instant Shine seemed to make me moody and very sleepy.

I might give it another chance if the price goes down or I have spare rewards points to use on it, but for now, it's not for me.

Others seem to do really well with it though, so don't let this deter your experimentation!

Written by: Miss Y

"This is my second day with it. In the morning I spray two sprays on my neck, I haven't noticed anything yet, am I doing something wrong?"
Written by: JCI

"can't tell you how dissapointed I am with instant shine. no effects on myself or others even when od-ing with a whole to go bottle"
Written by: queixada

"Still trying to figure out how much works best for me... I noticed a little bit of extra attention, but look forward to experimenting more with it!!"
Written by: Tim

"WOW , i love this stuff , I sprayed myself just once , and i felt alot more confident and happier , and i'm a guy who suffered from low self esteem , and low self confidence for a decade . When you use it with positive thinking it just makes you FEEL more and more confident and happier , when i used positive thinking i couldent stop smiling and i felt GREAT , and i just LOVE the smell . It is totally worth its money ."
Written by: objohn leclaire-logan (edmonton, alberta)

"This stuff is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I bought 2x and got results from only 1 spray on the back of my hand! For any Doubting Thomas' out there, it totally works!!"
Written by: Angie

"I am testing the product now... still have no comments to make except one: what an excellent customer service!!! Congratulations to Androtics!"
Written by: Daniel (London, UK)

"My favorite product if for no other reason than it simply makes any other product you use better...period.
A314 can be intimidating, Shine makes it inspirational.
Turn up the Heat says "I want to have sex" adding instant shine to it makes HER think to herself "I want to have sex...with YOU""
Written by: Izzy

"unbelievably fast service! I was upgraded to 2x ammo, and a TUTH sample thrown in! I had started he day in a terrible mood- 2 sprays of Instant Shine, and already feeling better. Nice smell- a fresh scent. I will try the Ammo this evening, with another shot of IS, and see what happens...the experiment starts today!"
Written by: infinityman


It does effect others' moods and the way they perceive you, but honestly, even if it had zero effect on other people, it would STILL be well worth the price. MOOD LIFTER doesn't begin to cover it. Like a cold beer to "take the edge off" after a long hard day of working, INSTANT SHINE "takes the edge off" when it's a rainy day, when you feel sad or under the weather, helps dispel negativity and apathy, and chases away the "blahs".

AWESOME AMAZING WONDERFUL PRODUCT. . . an investment like no other!"
Written by: Mohair Shoes.

"i test sprayed a small bit on my hand on a half a spray right under my nose, i'd gotten about two hrs of sleep after working twelve, which would have anyone cranky, not me, there is a sense of euphoria, very nice product indeed, i feel excellent, i almost want to say that it comes in waves....strange and perfect, will lok forward to using it around people, nice fragrance too, can't wait to try some of the other products, love the free gift as well....thanx"
Written by: young geezer

"This came as a free gift (the small pocket size) it was my first order and i had ordered the pocket size TUTH, earlier that day i had a call from back home and man i wont lie to you i felt so down and depressed damn near suicidal as i received insult after the other from my father, 10 mins after i hung up i got the package to my door (great timing) i was surprised to see a gift and since it was early on in the day i decided to try the shine even tho i had no idea what it does at the time just cuz im down and it came for free and sounded less inteness than TUTH, 2 sprays to the chest and i found my self feeling ...fine.. i was feeling good.. then happy as if nothing happened.. better yet as if something good happened now i never tried pheromones before and i was VERY skeptic before, so i jumped on my laptop to look it up and see what it does to see if the effects im feeling are correct or what, well i was very surprised its the same thing! later my bipolar wife wakes up (she has been having a fit for a while) i gave her the usual morning hug (just to make sure she get a wiff of it) and i had thought before that ppl act different cuz of the placebo effect and so effect people around them, but how can i have the placebo effect when i didnt know what to expect? never the less i tried to be as i am always, and just be as normal as i can, she said sorry for the silliest things she did! she never says sorry! even with her bipolar out bursts she stopped midsentance and said sorry (granted they werent full blown ones but still! that is amazing!) she is much friendlier and what ever i say makes her smile... i am surprised... very surprised.

I cant wait till i try this out on the street and i cant wait till later tonight when i try Tuth and see if that works too and spices things up in our marriage (five years of marriage... things start to get slowwwww) and i wont lie i want to try both on when we are out get some innocent flirts just so that she can get a bit jealous and spice things up for us later that night ;)"
Written by: Zack

"this stuff is amazing, really!! At first I just feel plain and when I spray this I feel a wave of confidence inside me. It takes a few minutes, though."
Written by: SBlake

"Great Product, Fast Shipping, Thanks for the free gift JACOB!!!!!"
Written by: Coty

"I really like IS. It puts me in a good mood and I feel confident. It also seems to make people want to talk to me more than usual. The x2 version gets me the most hits. One spray to the chest is enough."
Written by: Someone Else

"made me shine ;)
it was really beautiful on that night
the best confidence boost i've ever seen :D"
Written by: ChoosenOne

"This product works perfect with girls and chill outs, it's really sick"
Written by: Jacob

"This stuff is amazing! I was having a terrible Monday, and was anxious and sad related to boyfriend issues, but two sprays of IS and I am happy, confident, and ready to mingle. I don't know how it works on others yet, as I was at work today alone, but even if it doesn't, the mood it puts me in is PRICELESS!"
Written by: Val

"makes me feel good, makes people happy around me, even those who hate me want to talk to me its hillirious, it's a MUST buy, oh btw idc if you think I'm a staff person pretending -.- im not"
Written by: Wealze ;) Weazle9954

"Wow, I can't believe the speed that the two items I ordered arrived so fast, and that's from America To Western Australia(I would normaly use "WA" but it could be confused with Washington State). One interesting thing I found was that after about 10 to 15 minutes after application there is no smell. I can only think that this is the pheromones left working.
I have only just recieves them so I hve only tried them on the few younger people working(girls) arround where I live and they seem to be working. I need to test the properly in a social seting."
Written by: Rex

"Absolutely love this stuff!!! Wasn't expecting the punch it give me in self effect. It's a smile in a bottle! Also, it keeps me going all day, no RdBull required!
Others are more comfortable and happy during it's sweet time, within 4 hours of application. If you're in doubt, Try the TOGO!!!! You will be glad you did!!!"
Written by: Joey (Los Angeles, CA)

"I love Instant shine alone or added to other mixes. It definitely lifts you up in your own eyes and in the eyes of others. "
Written by: shanna

"OMG, Was waiting for Fedx guy to deliver order. Girlfriend was getting ready for work and almost out the door. I already had one drop of A314 on and my girlfriend and I had knock booths earlier. Fedx man drop off delivery, my girlfriend was anticipating a hard day at work. So I thought I'd shot her two time with Instant Shine (4x). After about ten second her eyes got big and she told me she was wet. She then pull me back to the bed room and bussiness was taken care of again. I'm a newbie and this stuff works."
Written by: Kenneth McCray (Clearwater, FL)

"Delivered in super fast time, will be trying & observing the results at a party tonight."
Written by: Michael

"this isn't a BS comment. I was skeptical, I read the reviews, instant shine seemed right for me. I don't know if it's my brain tricking me in to feeling more confident or if it really is the instant shine. Even if it is just me thinking "hey I put this on, I'm going to feel more confident" It works for me. I do notice more attention. No reason for me to lie."
Written by: Bawx

"Going to a b-day party, going to try IS x4. Thanks for the 2 gifts!!!"
Written by: hm?

"Before I get into functionality here, I will talk about the smell alone. It is a GREAT smell. I would literally buy this for the smell alone, as just a cologne, whether there were pheromones in it or not. I am a new pheromone user, but I have tried several other products, unscented and scented, so I know for a fact that I AM one of the percentage of humans who can smell pheromones, so I know for a fact that it's an awful, musky scent. However, I didn't even get a hint of that with this stuff.

I am not sure if that was due to content or what. I will say this about effects, the first day I got it, I had just gotten up for the morning and was all groggy and tired. I simply sprayed a tiny bit so I could smell the spray nozzle. I thought it was a huge bust, and then about 30 seconds later I had a huge uncontrollable smile on my face and was energetic, awake, and happy and ready to go. This is the only problem: tolerance. It worked for a few days after that, and then the effects started to diminish. It continued to work (along with Instant Openness) on others, making them more open and talkative with me, but I had really hoped it would continue to work on me. Sometimes the two together get me in trouble, for being late to things, haha. This is because sometimes people won't let me go and just keep talking to me.

I am starting to wonder if the product works mostly through aromatherapeutic chemicals rather than pheromones. Either way, it doesn't really matter, because it works, and smells great.

I have one last thing to say, a suggestion: please try to make this in an oil-based form. The spray disperses faster, but an oil based form would last much longer for one application, and I would be more inclined to buy the larger bottles. This would be nice for all your products, especially Openness.

In the end, I like your products. The regular strength products have sort of light effects with very nice, light and fresh smells. They aren't quite as strong as some others I have tried, but like I said, the smell alone is worth the Instant sizes. And I absolutely love how this company sends a free tester with every order. I don't know if you send more free products the more you spend, but if you don't PLEASE DO. "
Written by: Brian Daniel Russell

"IS 4x is dangerous.
It doesn't matter what happens i keep smiling.
It works for 9 hours!
I like everyone and everyone likes me."
Written by: Henk

"That's basically what it says. From my experimenations with this so far I can say that it feels like I'm floating rather than sinking. I'm getting good cognitive re-adjustments on this product. Not sure if it is a placebo or if it is real.

I tend to like to think allot or be overly analytical, however, with this product it sort of breaks the negative feedback loop.

For example -- gas prices are at a record high. A statement like that could have me worried and analyzing. Spray instant shine and guess what...who cares, life is too short to worry about a few dollars more at the pump. Things are just bouncing off of me and are not getting to me.

Dosage -- 2-3 sprays at double strength.

Feel -- like an adolsescant - carefree type of fun-loving spirit. Cool dude.

I have good marks for this product for now and hope to realize the potential of the other products, whether real or placebo.
Written by: Giovanni

"Takes a lot to really notice the effects. puts you in a better mood though.
good product!"
Written by: Taylor

"worked pretty good. everyone was looking at me and it brought me back to the power of brightness"
Written by: William Johnson (Apex, NC)

"I just recieved my IS today in the mail, super fast and with a nice gift. It smells extremely good.. but i have to admit i did not notice any extravagant effects from the 2-3 sprays i had before work. Hoping I will notice something when i try it again.. but im in the early stages of buyers remorse."
Written by: Jon

"just tried IS 2x for the first time last night. My spirit was high and I had a lot less social anxiety. It seems like people around me felt really cool and friendlier. Great product"
Written by: Tyler

"It really works. Not overwhelming, but you feel a slight difference. Conversation is easier, people laugh at your jokes more and enjoy themselves around you. You become "that guy""
Written by: Black Guy

"Okay I'll start out by saying WOW. I'll try to keep this as short as possible, but if it ends up longer than I intended oh well lol. And yes this is so long I doubt this site will post my feedback, even though it's positive lol. That's okay though.
I went to Rutgers University Honors College about a decade ago on a full scholarship and my major was pharmacology. I'm VERY familiar with what mankind currently knows about how the brain works. I also have used / abused a total (I made a list once lol) of around 55 DIFFERENT CHEMICAL substances that are drugs, by the technical definition. Most were and still are legal, whether by prescription or the DEA just cannot keep up with mankind's seemingly endless quest to control their mood - for whatever reason. Mine were going to "other worlds" with psychedelics but mostly just because I was always a shy person, especially around girls (before using chemical "supplements" - which I definitely do NOT advise using because in the end leads to suffering guaranteed) Anyway the first time I used pheromones I was assuming it was "BS". I did my research online, but something didn't fit. Why hadn't I heard of these before and why aren't they either: sold everywhere OR banned by the government (maybe that's why they're legal- they don't sell them in stores) Anyway yea the first time I used them (I think it was the A314) I was at a New Years party, had been off of all 'drugs' for months and used it before going out to the party. Well I had completely forgot that I had put it on. That is until I found myself literally being "trapped" against a wall by these two gorgeous girls (I was probably 18 years old). they were acting like cats and I was the catnip. Now I "relapsed" lol that night and used a low dose of GBL (like alcohol without the bad parts of it) and a good friend walked by and gave me a look like "oh yea nice job", referring to having these girls pushing me against the wall just completley coming on to me. Now without chemicals ("drugs", pheromones - same thing technically), I am VERY SHY like I said. But when my friend gave me that look I suddenly remembered I had used the pheromones for the first time that night. Until something shows a manifestation of power, I do not believe it. Well I became a believer that moment. Had a great time. That was back in 2001 - 2002 New Years Eve. I've been using pheromones ever since, on and off. I can tell you guys (and ladies), that there is NO DOUBT this works. Apparently just as "drugs" affect, by enhancement or blocking of certain natural neurotransmitters, it seems that in the olfactory area of the human nose- like many to most animals seem to have, there are receptors that, though VERY far from what the medical field acknowledges as being the locations WITHIN the brain itself, pheromones produce VERY SIMILAR effects by binding to or otherwise affecting receptors inside the nose. The effect is quick and effective to say the least. You guys who've used these incredible products know what I mean. I will wake up in the morning with my first thought being "oh **** another day", but before even reaching for my prescriptions (all "legitimate" -whatever that means lol), I reach for my bottle of (almost always) INSTANT SHINE. It isn't like most drugs I've done, though I have used certain pheromones/combination products that DEFINITELY DO "mess you up" but in a positive goofy way", like the now discontinued "Space-land". Man that stuff said don't drive while spraying it and they WERE NOT JOKING. That stuff got you HIGH and this website was wise to remove it from their product ling, because it would have drawn unnecessary negative attention not only to this website, but to pheromones in general- probably leading to the FDA/DEA banning them. Yes it happens all the time with products that actually WORK. But INSTANT SHINE puts a smile, and often laughter, on my face within 30-60 seconds. It's that simple. I cannot STRESS how effective -all their products really- are in bringing about positive results in not only social situations, but I use the stuff when I'm feeling "down" and it brings me up. Now don't be worried about this because I don't believe these, though naturally occurring substances known as pheromones are produced by our own bodies, the use of these products goes way beyond the 'normal effects' of what our bodies produce. That being said: they work, and very well for what they are sold for, but I've found - mostly the INSTANT SHINE (mostly because I prefer sociability and good mood over the other products effects) to be definitely psychologically addictive.
When I start to run low I will order more NO MATTER WHAT. Now this could just be because I love what it does to myself and those around me. It's like a little MDMA that you can use safely constantly. So the pheromones themselves may not be addictive, but the RESULTS ARE and once you use them in a socially appropriate situation you will know what I mean. If the FDA bans these things, I will find a way to acquire them lol. So if you are analogical to the point of functional paralysis in social situations: trust me and just try it. It gets rid of that stinking' thinking' that women and men can "smell" a mile away and is unattractive.
People like 'upbeat', smile and say 'hi' sort of people. And the girls flirting with me is kind of cool yeah ;-) Watch out though. As somebody else posted in their review it can be awkward in a situation with a couple. EVERY TIME, the girl will literally completely ignore her boyfriend, and focus on my with wide eyes (which indicates a possible increase in serotonin and other 'feel good' chemicals), but it can get awkward in those situations be sure of that.
These are far more powerful than people realize. And there is a 'rebound' effect. Any girl you are dating who is used to the pheromones, if you break up with them, expect all hell to break loose because while yes it could be coincidental, but since I've been using these products ending a relationship with a girl has without fail caused the girl to go CRAZY and aggressive and not in a good way. I mean like "call the police have you arrested" or "text and/or call your phone for 3 days NONSTOP" kind of way. So please just be aware these aren't toys. Use them with wisdom and enjoy them because your life just might take a turn you never thought possible. (In a good way I mean ;-) God bless!"
Written by: Steve Anonymous (Branson, MO)

"I just received my order. One of the items I ordered was IS.

I will report on its effects when I test it out over time. At this point, I must admit the scent or the smell of IS alone is worth the price, at least for me. I definitely like the refreshing scent.

I live in Canada, and I give props to Androtics for quickly shipping my order, and DHL for their excellent service. I can't believe how quickly I received this. Well packaged product, quickly shipping, tracking number. A+!

And I got a copy of my invoice with a smiley face on it. How cool is that?! Positive experience over all."
Written by: hades

"i got the the togo IS 1X and it smells just like top designer colognes, NO JOKE! I GOT ATTENTION AND MORE! "
Written by: DRAGO

"I had ordered another but got this as a sample with it, at that day i was feeling really down and sad, i didnt know much about what this one was and just sprayed twice on my chest... my mood got suddenly lifted, it was really shocking i used a few times since then and i felt better every time so i bought a big bottle.

i used it last new years party and everyone kept telling me out of no where how awesome of a person i am! (most people i just met from all ages) lol this is crazy and i am ordering my second bottle right now :)

I also get a lot of comments on how good i smell from girls and they seem like they want to stick closer to me especially when i add a few drops of Alpha A314

Love it thanks for the wonderful product."
Written by: Zamba

"I bought the 2x strength. Wow! Self effects usually give me a buzz/dizzy feeling for about 15 minutes after application and a very light, but positive vibe for hours post. IS' affect on a room full of people however is just amazing. They go from humdrum to buzzing and chatting and smiling non-stop. Perfect for a dull office, classroom or social event where you either want to change the mood or get the place hoppin'."
Written by: Wyatt

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