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Androtics Direct :: Experimental Test Mixes :: MX135 For Women

  MX135 For Women (MX135)
MX135 For Women 

Quantity1 available
Shipping Weight0.02 lbs.
Price: $29.90 (€ 26.01)

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Please also see MX235 and MX335

Fragrance: Chocolatini

  Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


User Rating


Customer Feedback & Advice

"This stuff is fantastic. Many reports claim this makes you the "Center of attention", and it does just that - but if you know how to steer it, it's not unnerving at all. I wore it to a concert and found everyone around me in a fabulous mood, always talking to me and touching my arms or shoulders at intermissions.

Worn again to a different environment - i.e. a family dinner - I found people did look at me, but always with a smile on their face. I was in a good mood, too, which is rare around a usually-insane family.

Used alone with friends it rendered both of us talkative and giggly, with a bit of a flirtatious undertone. Hands down, this is my favorite mix, even if it IS experimental. I might as well be the poster child for this!"
Written by: Alseides (CT)

"Im not sure im willing to run out of this mix. Very good for every occasion i can think of, including getting romantic. It offers friendship at every turn and makes me feel like candy. I literally feel like im a box of goodnplenty or pixie stix. Strange but true."
Written by: lori bessette (lutz, FL)

"Great mix, works for me. Just beware-- sometimes you'll find strange men staring at you at the store, etc., and it can be a bit unnerving when they just gape without losing eye contact."
Written by: CI (BC)

"The self effects are awesome - immediately uplifting, joyful and energetic. Outward effects are closeness and flirtiness, like a-nol. Guys want to be near you, sometimes touching familiarly & overall chatty. I don't go ANYWHERE without wearing this and carrying a to-go bottle. Needs to be sold in gallon jugs with sprayer attachments, or at least be available in 2X and 4X strengths so I don't go through it so fast!!"
Written by: Debra Shetzler (Smyrna, DE)

"Love this stuff, people just want to be around you! and becareful when using this in public transportation, people are just staring at some might even approach you!

Note to self: Must start stocking this mix!"
Written by: Selva (QC)

"This stuff made me feel like the Female Leo I am. A Lioness that deserves to be the center of attention no matter what. I found it ideal in almost any situation that I wanted to be the main focus. The chocolatini scent was nice and blended easily. I'm trying it in the cookie scent next!"
Written by: Kristina Vrana (Cookeville, TN)

"really good for days that u just want to have fun.. makes u the center of the attention!! awesome self effects too :)"
Written by: remmy

"Mine is almost gone! Emergency! Emergency!"
Written by: kismet

"I love the smell, it reminds me of cocoa butter lotion. It puts me in a great mood and everyone else around me. I found I received many compliments from males and females when I wore this product. AMAZING STUFF! "
Written by: Elixxxer

"Made TG very cuddly. I would imagine this stuff would work great with some EST or P74.
I use it with IS/b to help intensify the effects."
Written by: Mrs. Lovette

"It's fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. I'm old, skinny, grey haired, and I had a gaggle of young ladies behind the counter of a coffee shop making extended, extended eye contact with me in front of my WIFE! Fortunately, she's the odd type that actually LIKES it when women are attracted to me and show it. HOWEVER, I am COMPLETELY ALLERGIC to the SCENT and I get a TERRIBLE HEADACHE so I can't WEAR IT. PLEASE make an unscented version!

And much larger quantities, please.

It's so much more fun going through life with everyone's first response is to just love you to pieces, don't you think so all who have tried it?

Your Customer Forever,

Written by: Bob.

"This product is the greatest i bought this and had both men and women staring and making comments. But you have been out of stock for a while, please get more."
Written by: Qklips

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