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Androtics Direct :: Pheromones To Go™ (Portable / Travel Size) :: Come Talk To Me (V2.0)

  Come Talk To Me (V2.0) (CTTM2)
Come Talk To Me (V2.0) 

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Come Talk to Me (aka CTTM) Version 1.0 debuted in 2002. 

It was the world's first exclusively social pheromone product, ever.

Before CTTM, social claims were made for products like the androstenone-based product Primal Instinct. But pheromone experts know products like that weren't actually social in reality. It was just a false marketing claim. 

Come Talk To Me was the first product completely and totally social in nature. A true Androtics Research FIRST that put us on the map as the most unique pheromone company.

Version 2.0 is based on a huge crowd favorite we've shipped over the years. Some members know it as "CTTM M2", or Mix 2. The effects were tested and verified over many years. They're well known, tried and true. No other social pheromone product has logged the same amount of testing time as CTTM. 

This 5ml CTTM To-Go is great for parties, and even making new friends in a new setting when you don't know anyone. It can also be used in certain work situations as a social lubricant. Men may want to combine it with a drop or two of A314, but women should be able to use it bare without anything else.


  Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


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Customer Feedback & Advice

"I have had this product for a while now. Out of the times I can remember I was wearing a mix that was mostly CTTM2, I turned a corner on the street, saw this guy I knew from many years back and 2 girls with him that I didn't know started to talk to me, they then called over their friends and I ended up surrounded by 4 girls who wanted to talk to me. This has never happened before in my whole life. I was also wearing 1 x MX102 in my hair and 1 x TUTH on each forearm, I had 4.5 sprays of CTTM2 a little bit everywhere. When these girl started to talk to me, I was too busy thinking “LOL, so it does work”, I had no clue what they told me!"
Written by: A guy that lives in canada

"I was lounging around with a casual female acquaintance at my usual Tuesday night karaoke festivities. I don't find this girl attractive in the least, especially as in previously I would notice her giving me "go away" type looks, seemingly scowling at me.

When I mentioned being on a diet and drinking hard drinks as opposed to beer... OMFG!!! This girl who had never said a word to me before goes on an on and on for about 45 minutes about how to cook and shop when on a diet, her ethnic heritage and how it ties to what she eats and cooks, how she's tried diet after diet. A friend of this girl at one point looked over at, and said to stop boring me and to stop being a chatterbox.

Very similar results about a month later, the next time I see this girl. Only this time she initiates the conversation with me. Another 45 minute conversation.

CTTM2 is like those metal balls hanging from strings demonstrating Perpetual Motion. All it takes is the slightest of nudges and those who were formerly frigid turn into chatterboxes. Highly recommended by me."
Written by: TheGreatSudoku

"work really well on women too:
I was definitly the center of the attention of all guy around me in my college class!
Great product!"
Written by: goth_doll

"Loving this product, coupled with a AMMO+SHINE mix, or MX292.... golden, after the opener, they are just so in tuned to an in depth conversation. Must have a 60ML bottle..."
Written by: DJ

"I wore this to work and every single woman in the area stopped by my office at some point in the day to chat..... and chat..... and chat. I got no work done that day. I get a stronger reaction to this product than any other.... and I own them all."
Written by: DreadSov2

"it works!! I mix CTTM with TUTH and I get CFM. I think you all know what that is!! LOl! Its the bomb, I got it as a free trial, now Im coming back for more. Easily in the top 3 w/ TUTH and A314!! Try it!"
Written by: D3

"Love this stuff, it really works. Shame it's sold out, would have loved to bought another one! "
Written by: Canadian

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"Instant Gentleman kicks butt. It's smooth and attractive, and is sly and sexy. A combination of IG and Ammo in a 3:1 ratio gets chicks playing 'follow the leader' over you."
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