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Androtics Direct :: Spray Pheromones :: "Alpha A314 Spray (1.32A)" Trust & Respect Pheromone for Men

  "Alpha A314 Spray (1.32A)" Trust & Respect Pheromone for Men (A314-5A)
"Alpha A314 Spray (1.32A)" Trust & Respect Pheromone for Men 

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NEW! Now enhanced trust and respect can be always ready for you --right in your pocket.

The new A314 To Go Format allows you to use and re-up this product exactly where and when you need it.

This spray is version 1.32A, which has the same formulation as Revision 32 of the original A314 oil-based product. The "A" version is slightly more potent than a single drop of A314 per spray.


I'm new to A314, what does it do?

A314 has been shown to enhance the trust and respect you receive from those around you. People often see A314 users as a source of authority.  Someone to follow.

While A314 is useful in many social contexts the place where A314 really shines and proves it's worth is in business and at work. For less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee per day, your social status and the benefits that come with it can improve.

To learn more about the world famous "A314 Effect" check out the description of the original A314 oil, which was generated from real people like you who use the product.

You can also search for the keyword "A314"

What are the differences between this and the original oil-based version of A314?

Our clients tell us the effects are a little more present than with the original oil based version of A314, especially in areas that are cooler or are getting chillier during fall and winter.  This has to do with the differences between diffusion of the spray vs the oil.

How many does do I get?

You get 40 sprays, all of which are slightly more powerful than a standard drop of the A314 oil edition. You get enhanced trust and respect in a portable format, for less than 70 cents per dose.

This is a little more expensive than other pheromone products, can you tell me if it'd be useful for me, and help me justify the price?

It depends on who you are, what desires you have, and your own personal values.

While we firmly believe that almost everybody would benefit if they at least try A314, we have to be completely honest and tell you that there's 3 categories of people who shouldn't even bother.

1. A314 is not for the type of people who are most concerned with cost per spray or price of a bottle and don't care much about the actual effects produced in their life.

A314 is for people who set their sights on the big stuff in life -- people who might say they're pound wise, and penny foolish, instead of vice versa. It's for people who don't "sweat the small stuff".

2. A314 is not for people who are looking for a traditional pheromone product that is supposed to make women fall out of trees and force women to hump your leg.

While no product will truly produce the effects you see in Axe commercials or in movies like "Oceans 13" with George Clooney, A314 in particular is NOT a sexual pheromone in any traditional sense.

While some users report that it's sexy and can help attract high value women looking for relationships, it's definitely not a "sexual fantasy" pheromone or a "play the field" product *at all*. You'd want to use our own "Ammo" product for anything approaching that, just keeping in mind that effects from movies and in most ads are overplayed.

3. A314 is not for people who would rather believe a sales page from a con artist or criminal (the type of predatory company that dominates most pheromone sales) rather than a science based company that tries it's best to produce real products with real values. In fact, nothing we offer is for these people - not A314 or any other of our products.

If you want big claims and fake studies, fake charts and fake certificates of analysis try products like Pherlure or other advertising induced placebo effect based products. Just be aware that recent studies show that even the best placebo effects tend to wear off after a few weeks. For this reason, you might even want to save yourself some money and buy Axe or Lynx. Their products contain no pheromones or chemosensory compounds to note, but their ads are absolutely fantastic!

On the other hand, if you want something that truly can help you achieve great things in your life, then you may want to continue reading and carefully consider what A314 often provides.

What A314 excels at is exactly what it actually does in the real world. Beyond what any copywriter could come up about it, A314 really does help to establish you as an authority, someone to trust and follow. It's almost parental or a "pillar of the community" type effect. The benefits blossom from these core effects.

In business contexts, it's often invaluable. Our users can't rave enough about how much A314 tends to assist them at work and in sales environments.

While we can't guarantee anything specific involving income (both because we don't have a crystal ball, nor do certain speech restriction in the US allow such claims),  we can say that long term users do report moving upwards at their companies.  Many working in sales see an increased closing rate. In a business context, almost all users say that A314 easily pays for itself many, many times over.

How about results with women?

While not a sexual product, A314 does give off a "real man" or "strong, reliable man" type signal and can help to properly identify your role with women who are looking for these types of men. Typically, these are high quality and healthy women looking to settle down. For example women looking for children, for a stable household, etc. While A314 is definitely not useful for playing the field or casual flings, it can be useful for men looking for the right woman to create a home with.

Other effects?

Beyond business and romantic uses, there's many other places A314 shines. Our clients often tell us moving stories of transforming their lives with A314 and occasionally they're not even easy to believe.

Yet we've heard these stories and seen the effects with our own eyes time and time again. Since we don't know how to easily to put these benefits into words ourselves, check out the forum PheroTalk at, and use the keyword "A314".


All things considered, A314 works well for what it does and it delivers real world results that make it quite affordable when all things are considered.

So what is the most unbelievable aspect of A314 is the cost per dose when compared to what every thing else costs in real life. Again, you can often upgrade your life with A314 for less than the cost of most Starbucks coffee per day.

Something else to consider: most people don't live beyond 25 thousand days. Some lives are cut much shorter and while a few exceptional lives do run a bit longer, a 25 thousand days is about standard.

To even be old enough to have the credit card necessary to buy this product, you're lived at least a quarter of those days. By the time you're in your thirties you have about half remaining.

For about the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you can get a short lived caffeine buzz, or with A314 you can often change your position in the social hierarchy for the better and make the most out of your time on this planet -- and reap all of the rewards that come with it. Which one is more worth it to you?


  Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


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Customer Feedback & Advice

"I was sceptical of this product, of ALL phero-products to be honest, at first. Immediatly, on the first day of wearing it, I noticed a huge difference. The men at work stopped questioning my judgements as often and drastically decreased their overall aggressive nature towards me (my boss hardly looks me in the eye anymore). The girls were suprisingly cowed and amiable, and my personal state of mind (because you're going to be affected by it too) has become more often energetic and content.
Don't get me wrong, though. While it does have a profound effect, it isn't some magic potion that will warp other people to your will. It is a tool that makes people more receptible to a dominant personality.
On another note; the day I ran out of this test bottle was a nightmare of childish outbursts from the people who had been most problematic before I started using it. I'll be making sure to keep my self supplied from now on."
Written by: Respectless in Seattle

Add your feedback here, including hints, tips and usage tricks. If posting a review, please state specifics about yourself -- when, where and how you use the product.

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