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1. "Turn Up The Heat" Pheromone for Men
2. "Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone
3. AMMO Cologne - "Ammunition In the Battle of the Sexes!" Pheromone Cologne for Men
4. "Instant Openness" Ice Breaker Pheromone for Men
5. "Instant Honesty" Communication Pheromone for Men
6. "Instant Gentleman" For Men
7. Come Talk To Me (V2.0)

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Androtics Direct :: Spray Pheromones :: Ultimate Pheromone Introduction Pack for Men

  Ultimate Pheromone Introduction Pack for Men (UPIP)
Ultimate Pheromone Introduction Pack for Men 

QuantityNo available
Shipping Weight0.20 lbs.
Price: $149.95 (€ 130.46)

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Quantity Out of stock
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This pack contains everything you need to start fun, crazy, sexy, pheromone-fueled adventures. 

This pack is just for newbies. Anyone else, avert your eyes!

We have a lot of stuff at this store, don't we? You've probably done your fair share of reading, noticed there are a few KEY killer products to try first, and now you're ready to get some.

But which ones?

Well, we took the guesswork out of the equation for you!

We noticed a lot of new people were unsure of where to start, since we have a huge palette of social effects never seen before. Androtics completes defies what most people expect of a pheromone company.

Fortunately, we listened to what you guys were looking for, and have bundled up the best of what we got for you.

Packed up and ready to express ship is the new:


This is a newbie-only offer, intended for first time purchasers only. Seasoned vets, you guys already know what to buy and try!

We give you the kitchen sink at a very affordable introductory price:

  • A314 Spray (Retails at $19.95) 
  • Ammo (Retails at $14.95) - Spray once. Become charming and sexy for hours.
  • Turn up the Heat (Retails at $12.95) - Revv up your intimate encounters.
  • Shine 2X (Retails at $23.95) -- Create instant rockstar/celebrity vibe. Warm up the mood in the room. Puts all eyes on YOU.
  • Gentleman (Retails at $16.95) - Refines your presence.
  • Openness (Retails at $19.95) - Cracks open the people around you, creates a lot of chattiness and friendliness.
  • Honesty 2X (Retails at $35.95) - Induces deep rapport.
  • MX297 (Retails at $28.95) - Lastly, a fun "life of the party" type experience... Gives a social maverick vibe that will have the ladies vying for your attention.

You can produce ANY CUSTOM COMBO you like with this palette! 

They're conveniently the size of a chapstick vial, so you could pocket them and remix your phero signature on the fly (BEST WAY TO TEST!)

It's an amazing launching point in your foray into the pheromone universe.

Once you can find that you can tweak your social interactions for the better, it's tough to go without. Boredom goes away, replaced by curiosity about what will come next. Social adventure becomes the new norm.

Many long term users say that the quiet power you can exert over the outcomes in your life is incredible. As you learn when and how to use these amazing products, everyday interactions easier and better. The list of benefits that trickle down from is awesome.

At our normal everyday prices, these all add up to $173.60

Once you learn how to use these for your benefit, you just might find them priceless.

But we want to make sure we're really taking care of you, and can offer them at a price mere mortals can access. We're interested in your stories and feedback. We want to welcome you to being our client, a pheromone adventurer that dares to live a more interesting life.

Our customers provide us the crucial feedback that evolves our products, creating more awesome social effects at the cutting edge, as they are discovered. We want you to be part of our ever growing group of like-minded futuristic individuals, evolving and refining technology and social experience as we know it.

So, back to price. We want to make sure you feel welcome as part of the clan, so I'm happy to offer the Ultimate Pheromone Introduction Pack at the special, first purchase only price of $149.95. If you've made your intro in the intro section, you can even use your $25 gift certificate to apply to this offer!

All together, you save about 29% when start off your adventures with this bundle.  Sometimes they even get shipped a little faster, since we have these all packed up and ready to go -- just for you!

So, not only will you be fully armed with an entire to-go palette of some our best consumer line products, but you will get a some cash back in your pocket that you could use to... maybe take a special lady out?


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"Excellent at attracting alpha women! Projects a very masculine presence that for a guy who isn't afraid to approach is absolutely golden!"
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