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Androtics Direct :: Kits, Combos & Specials :: Hot Rush Service Fee

  Hot Rush Service Fee (HotRush)
Hot Rush Service Fee 

Quantity996 available
Price: $50.00 (€ 43.50)



Hot Rush Service Fee is available if to expedite your order to the top of the shipping & custom lab queues. This will generally shorten off the shelf orders to 1 day and custom orders to 1 to 3 days. Click here to Hot Rush to your order. This service fee appears as an additional product in your order. It is not refundable.


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"This is, by far, my most favorite pheromone. Well, this and Instant Shine. For me, it does its job like 80% of the time. Actual quote from one of my hot girlfriends at school..."OMG...I don't know what it is. You smell so f*ckin GOOD! I just always want to be with you."...That is just one small experience out of many."
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