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1. "Alpha A314" Trust & Respect Pheromone for Men

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Androtics Direct :: Pheromone Oil (Slow Release) :: MX597 - Smooth Operator Oil in Stealth for Men

  MX597 - Smooth Operator Oil in Stealth for Men (MX597OIL)
MX597 - Smooth Operator Oil in Stealth for Men 

Quantity9 available
Shipping Weight0.10 lbs.
Price: $99.00 (€ 86.13)




Same dose per drop as you currently get per spray with MX297. Same smooth celebrity-like formula, except with Stealth instead of the normal Akuto scent. Delivered in our new 5ml Swiss made, black dropper bottle.

"It's best suited for those who have social anxiety. All that beta and alpha sh*t comes later.. when you are stuck in the corner in a party and too anxious to have fun and interact with people, or to just be friendly and befriend the pretty chick you are interested in, all that beta alpha crap won't help. They click in only once you have the social confidence.. MX297 gives exactly that.." -- 38 year old male real user feedback. (slightly edited for readability)

Read more about MX297 here:
The OFFICIAL MX297 Discussion Thread
Is MX297 good for younger guys?
What would you call MX297?

Details and Considerations

  • Hand crafted in California, with components of American, UK and European origin.
  • Contains university synthesized, human bio-identical pheromones.
  • Encased in a 5ml, supersaturated black glass bottle, made in Switzerland.  
  • High precision, apothecary style glass spheroid dropper provides a similar drop size time after time.
  • When ordered with the Stealth diffusion package, this product contains no known allergens or compounds of concern as listed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Nonetheless, if the product causes unwanted skin or other reactions, you may send it back for a full refund.
Available for a limited time at the launch price of $99. 

Limit 2 per customer at launch price. 

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