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1. "Instant Sexiness" For Women
2. "Instant Sexiness B" For Women
3. "Instant Openness" Communication Pheromone for Women
4. "Instant Honesty" Communication Pheromone for Women

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Androtics Direct :: Spray Pheromones :: "Instant Sexiness" For Women

  "Instant Sexiness" For Women (ISEX/A)
"Instant Sexiness" For Women 

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We all have our "little black dress". You know, that unapologetically sexy little number we pull out of the special place in our closet when we want to exude the mega-hot radiance that allows us to be that effortlessly seductive, fearless and confident female that people talk about. 

Like your little black dress, the carefully fashioned pheromonal blend in Instant Sexiness enhances what's already quintessentially YOU. It blends with your body's natural scent signature to ooze the aura of an elegant, gutsy, fancy free female who's powerfully secure with herself.

Allowing you to be powerfully secure with others.

Women, this is the bottom line: wear Instant Sexiness when you refuse to be ignored. When you want to step out of the door radiating fearless, first class sex appeal.

It'll feel like you dropped ten pounds and got a tan. Or got a killer haircut. People will notice that something about you. The head turning, heart fluttering female. You will sear your image into their subconscious.

  • You can be queen of the office with Instant Sexiness..
  • You can tantalize a dark and handsome man with Instant Sexiness.
  • You can even go to the Laundromat without makeup with Instant Sexiness.
  • Doors (both physical and figurative) will fling open for you with Instant Sexiness.
  • Seductress, headmistress, princess, or bombshell, it feels like you can do anything wearing Instant Sexiness.

It's the invisible "little black dress" you can wear anywhere.

Not only does it activate the imaginations of everyone around you, but it affects you, too. Not only are you searing your image into their memory, but you are enhancing your own perception of YOURSELF, too. You might notice yourself more relaxed, your body language might be more adventurous. Your nonverbal cues will reveal your striking energy.

Inside every bottle of Instant Sexiness is a blend of 5 different human pheromones, two of which have never been seen in any product before.

Usage Tips for Instant Sexiness

1-3 sprays is ideal, but you can use up to 5.

We find that a spritz to the hair, wrists and neck provide the yummiest results.

Combination's & Modifications

What good is the little black dress if it doesn't fit perfectly?

You can mix n' match most of the social effects offered by the products here to get just what you want, matched perfectly to your own natural body chemistry.

Use the following suggestions as starting points. When starting to make your own mixes, always start on the low end and work your way up, as necessary. These products are powerful, and sometimes too much doesn't work nearly as well as "just enough".

To add a greater sense of closeness and rapport, use along with 1-4 sprays of Instant Honesty applied to your wrists, or even your hair. Instant Honesty adds to the intensity and quality of communication, while Instant Openness will help to "steer" conversions in a positive, feel good direction.

Instant Openness provides a sense of carefree enjoyment, and adds to the quantity of communication, while Instant Honesty focuses communication, making it more intense and deeper. You'll be rewarded by finding your own favorite combination of Instant Honesty to Openness.


This product contains very light, non-offensive Neroli (orange) scent with a small amount of real essential oils, because it allows the pheromones to work better than completely "unscented" pheromone products.

After the product completely "dries down" (takes about 15 minutes), the light scent will be about as powerful as the light scent left by hair conditioner or liquid body soap. It will acceptable in most environments where obvious scents, such as colognes, are not allowed.

It is light enough to cover with your own cologne, if you prefer.

Why not completely "unscented"?

"Unscented" is a bit of a misnomer. It usually means "no added scent" in addition to the pheromones, not scentless. Unlike what you may have heard, many pheromones do actually have a scent of their own.

While it's true that many people won't notice them, the scent of some pheromones is much more obvious to others. To some with extra-sensitive noses, the scent of some pheromones can even be intrusive or offensive. The light citrus base used in this product covers the pheromonal scent, and makes it more acceptable to all.

The special light scent package also helps the pheromones to adhere longer to the skin, and it also increases the radius around you in which the pheromones are dispersed, allowing them to work at a greater distance.

The small amount of specially selected essential oils have their own compounds which affect emotions and add to the pheromonal effect. They work in a similar way as aromatherapy, except that they are used in a much less noticeable concentration.

In general, this product with it's very light scent base will be in every way superior to a completely "unscented" product.


Contains 5 human pheromones in an extremely light neroli (orange/citrus) base.

Total pheromone per spray: 35mcg (+/- 5%)
Total pheromone content per bottle:
7000 mcg
Sprays per bottle: Approximately 200

Duration of effects: The primary effects from the product should last approximately 6 hours. Lesser effects should be noticeable all day, and may run into the next day.


Unlike the purchase of similarly priced products such as cologne (which you get no support for whatsoever), support for this product is available and offered through our exclusive user forum.

You get a forum account for free with any purchase. For your convenience, your forum account is created automatically with the same username and password you register with here.

At the forum, you can get advice, tips and tricks from our staff, and other users like you.

365 Day Guarantee Complete & Utter Satisfaction Guarantee

Like all the products you can get here, Instant Sexiness comes with our famous manufacturer-backed, 365 day complete & utter satisfaction guarantee. You'll get noticeable results that you want or you money back.

We're so serious about this, that we actually built easy, automated returns and exchanges right into the order system! That's right, there's no one you have to call for approval, and no guessing as to where you send returns.

You can truly relax shopping here, knowing that returns and exchanges really are easy and hassle free.


  Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


User Rating


Customer Feedback & Advice

"5 sprays of this baby and suddenly all eyes are on me. Would go out with hair ugly and no make-up as long as I was wearing some of this, it wouldn't matter. :) Ordering more as we speak."
Written by: Julianna

"This is the 1st time I used this, *I used about 5 sprays in my hair & cleavage* but I was AMAZED at the positive attention I got from men...there were several guys much younger than me chatting me up 1 even asked me out, and my date told me I looked beautiful this evening. Another guy stopped me as I was walking by...I'm hooked. Loved the attention. Was it the pheromones or my increased confidence?? I combination of both I think since I was the center of attention all night!
Written by: Maggie

"I use 4 sprays of Instant Sexiness to each side of neck and ankles. I also spray 2 sprays of Instant Shine just below collar bone, on chest. I feel like a goddess and men are attracted like bees to honey . Women are aware but very positive, no competition. "
Written by: Sephora

"You get more attention than ever.
A guy starring at me all the street and after ask my E- mail and told me how gorgeous I am. Lots of attention from men and women :D
the best I tried until now!"
Written by: Goth_doll

"This is one of my faves because it gives me more confidence, more "Girl Power!" attitude, & makes men turn their heads a lot more!"
Written by: Belly Donsah (San Francisco, CA)

"No matter where I go or how I look, 3 sprays is all I need to feel fabulous... and it shows!!"
Written by: Anne (PA)

"The price is worth this. It has the greatest scent too. My perfume is the talk of the town now because of how amazing it smells."
Written by: Reagan

"I used about three sprays of this because I work in a public setting, also I am a fairly shy person. At first I was unaware of the attention until later on when a co-worker pointed it out. I was amazed at what I had been missing. It is really great! The men act more like gentlemen around me now, priceless! "
Written by: KittyK

"I love it!"
Written by: Anna

" It is great for me and for people around!)
I get a lot of attention and kindness.Works perfect with the dispute at work or with my boyfriend.I'm always right!"
Written by: marina

Add your feedback here, including hints, tips and usage tricks. If posting a review, please state specifics about yourself -- when, where and how you use the product.

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"Unbelievable, the package arrived today.
2 ½ days from ordering!!! Amazing considering I live in the channel islands (UK) which is about as far away from California as you can get.
Look forward to testing these out.

Big thumbs up on the delivery :P
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