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"What can I say? It does what they tell you it will do. Simply put, at the "magic dose", it's like putting on a "millionaire" suit, complete with appropriate attitude adjustment for me and those around me.

I have found that at four drops, it has me feeling much more calm and confident, and I move and speak differently. It's as if I am wealthy enough to be without a care in the world. I have been told my body language and attitude at those doses is as if I own everything around me, but without being egotistical about it. Of course, dose will be different for everyone, and I use lower doses for different effects... but four drops seems to be my magic spot.

If you want a woman with good self esteem to notice you, this will do it. It will also help her decide she wants to "keep" you.

One thing to be careful about when using this... it can make you seem too good for others to approach at higher doses, something like a VIP or superstar might. The more you wear, the more of a "circle of awe" you'll tend to get, where people won't dare approach you unless they have a very high self esteem. It's fantastic for business, because it gives an unspoken air of authority, but it also makes people want to follow you... "tell me what to do" wise and sometimes literally. The distance effects can be reduced or eliminated by mixing with other things.

So far it hasn't been a sexual product for me, as some people have reported, but it's my all time favorite (so far) regardless. This is one of those products that, once you figure it out, you'll never want to be without. (It does take some time to figure out, though, since the results can be subtle.)"
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